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The Four Riskiest Places to Use Your Debit Card

Debit card fraud jumped about 10% last year.  And having your debit info stolen is worse than a credit card, because they can access your ACTUAL money.  So there are situations where using a credit card or cash is better.


Here are four of the riskiest places to use your debit card . . .

1.  Janky ATMs that aren’t associated with an actual bank.  They’re easier to hack, and more likely to have card skimmers, which are little devices that look like a normal card reader.  But they steal your information.

2.  Gas pumps.  They’re another popular place for card skimmers.  So if you want to be careful about it, take a good look at the card reader before you use your card.  Or go inside to pay.

3.  Restaurants.  They’re one of the few places where someone else runs your card.  So your waiter could use a handheld card skimmer.  Or they could just take a photo of your card and use your info to buy stuff online.

4.  On the Internet.  Yes, using your debit card for ANY online purchase isn’t a great idea, because there are several ways your info can get stolen.

You could have malware on your computer and not know it.  Someone could be eavesdropping through your WI-FI.  Or the website you’re on could save your info and get hacked in six months.  Which is why a lot of experts say using your debit card online is the RISKIEST thing you can do with it.


A Woman Posts a Glowing Review of Eyeliner That Didn’t Run After Her Serious Car Accident


 I’m not sure a product could EVER ask for a better review than this.

A 25-year-old woman named Shelby Pagan from Boston got into a serious car accident in Hawaii last June.


And while she was in the hospital in a neck brace, she took a selfie just in case she needed it for evidence.  But when she looked at it, she noticed that her eyeliner looked PERFECT.


She was using Kat Von D’s Tattoo Eyeliner, and she was SO impressed that she posted a review of it online once she had recovered.


Quote, “My mascara was running down my face from crying and all other products had been wiped off in the transfer to the hospital.  But not my tattoo eyeliner . . . [it] lasts and looks amazing through anything.”  And she even posted the selfie as proof.


She posted the review eight months ago, but someone spotted it a few days ago and tweeted it out . . . and now it’s going viral.


Tween Calls Cops Because His Father Makes Him Do Chores

The Post claims a tween recently called the Athens, Ohio police because his father made him do chores. The juvenile told cops he didn’t feel well, was winded, and was on the verge of an emotional breakdown from the stress of the chores. Deputies told the boy he could take a break, but would need to finish his chores at a later time

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