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Here’s Why You Crave Certain Foods When You’re Hung Over


If you’re hung over from football yesterday, this is why you’re probably craving salty, fatty foods today . . .

Alcohol does a number on your body and makes you dehydrated.  But it also depletes your body of other things.  Here are three things you crave when you’re hung over, and why your body wants them . . .

1.  Salt.  You crave it because you’re dehydrated.  Which doesn’t just mean you’re low on water.  It also means you’re low on electrolytes.  And sodium is an important electrolyte.  Without it, you’d die.  So salty stuff helps with a hangover.

2.  Meat and eggs.  They’re loaded with an amino acid called cysteine that helps your liver break down the toxic byproducts of alcohol.  Those toxins are the reason you feel sweaty and nauseous after you’ve been drinking.

3.  Carbs.  Alcohol makes your blood sugar plummet, and carbs bring it back up.  But ONLY eating carbs isn’t a good idea, because it’ll just plummet again later on.  Protein WITH it helps make sure your body doesn’t absorb the sugar in carbs all at once.


Pizza Sent 2,300 Americans to the Emergency Room Last Year

  We love pizza so much, why must it hurt us so?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 2,300 Americans went to the emergency room last year because of PIZZA.

Here are the four main types of pizza injuries . . .

1.  Bad cuts that happened when you’re cutting it.

2.  Burns.

3.  Falling while you’re making it.

4.  Falling while you’re picking it up from a restaurant.

The report also put a special focus on one 58-year-old guy, who went to the emergency room after he fell out of his bed reaching for some pizza.

A Woman Is Busted For Shoving Smoked Salmon in Her Neighbor’s Gas Tank

  You know the old revenge prank where you put a dead fish in someone’s ceiling tiles to stink up their place?  This is like a dumber, richer twist on that.

An elderly man in Vail, Colorado called the cops recently after he went to fill up the gas tank of his minivan, and he noticed someone had jammed a bunch of SALMON into the tank.

And it wasn’t cheap canned salmon either . . . it was expensive smoked salmon.

He was pretty sure he knew who it was . . . his neighbor, who he’d been feuding with for a while over the usual stuff like parking and loud music.

When the cops went to the neighbor’s place, she admitted they’d had smoked salmon for dinner the night before, but she denied that she jammed it into the gas tank.

The cops didn’t buy it, but they wound up not filing charges.




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