20 Social Etiquette Rules We Should All Be Following!

The magazine “Country Living” posted a list of 50 social etiquette rules we don’t pay enough attention to these days. I think all of them are things we should ALL live by!

1. Classic Things People Used To Do:

Always say please and thank you.

Hold the door for people.

Try HARD to be on time.

Send handwritten thank-you notes.

And bring food to people, like when there’s a new neighbor or someone passes away.

2. Phone Etiquette:

Step away to answer a call.

Look at someone when they’re talking to you, not your phone.

Mute your ringtone when you’re at a movie, or anywhere else it might annoy people.

And return phone calls as soon as possible.

3. When You’re Out in Public:

Wear decent clothes, not pajama bottoms.

Don’t swear, especially around kids.

Always use your turn signal while driving.

And wait for people to get OUT of an elevator or subway car before you get in.

4. For Parties and Events:

Always RSVP right away.

Ask before you bring a guest.

Always show up with a gift, like a bottle of wine or an appetizer.

And avoid controversial topics, like politics or religion.

5. Meal Etiquette:

Wait until everyone has their food before you start eating.

Have good table manners, like putting a napkin on your lap and chewing with your mouth closed.

And always push your chair in when you leave the table.


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