A Kid Mowed Lawns for $5 So He Could Take His Girlfriend on a Date

Kids grow up so fast now, it’s nice to see this type of thing even happens anymore . . .

This photo went viral this weekend of a 14-year-old named Cody Mitschelin, mowing a guy’s lawn in Oakdale, California.

The guy who posted it on Facebook says Cody knocked on his door, and asked if he could mow his lawn for $5. And at first he said no thanks.

But then he asked what he was saving up for . . . and Cody said he wanted to make enough money to take his girlfriend on a date the next day.

So the guy changed his mind . . . got some of his neighbors to let Cody mow their lawns too . . . and he made enough to take his girlfriend to lunch and buy her flowers.

Then the pizza place they went to on their date gave them everything for free because they heard about the story. So he had enough to take her on two more dates.

The girlfriend’s name is Audrey Fierro, and she told the local news she thinks Cody might be a “keeper.”

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