Alicia Keys Rejects a $500K Gift

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Reportedly Doesn’t Like Swizz’s $500K Gift 

Recently, Swizz Beatz broke the bank and spent $500,000 on a Maybach designed by Virgil Abloh, which Alicia Keys appeared to love at the time of purchase. However, it is reported that the Maybach is still at the place Swizz Beatz bought it from. 

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Swizz shared in a recent interview with Angie Martinez, “I don’t think she liked the go**am car.” However, he added that the Maybach is “still at the dealership.” Check out the car below:


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He continued, “I know she was already thinking like ‘are they gonna be on me if I bring the kids to school in this? Are people gonna know how I’m movin’?’ like [I’m sure] she started thinking like that way with it. She’s [was just] being very polite.” Get a taste of the magic that is Alicia Keys by checking out her best songs.

Has your wife or husband given you a gift you didn’t like? How did you tell them about not wanting the gift?

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