BTS Is Going to Serve Their Mandatory Military Duty

BTS announced yesterday they will serve their mandatory military duties.  In case you didn’t know, all able-bodied men in South Korea between 18 and 28 are required to do at least 18 months in the military.


BTS was allowed to delay their duty until 30.  But member Jin, who is 29 and the oldest, will be enlisting soon after his solo project is released later this month.




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Then the others will follow at some point.  The group will get back together sometime in 2025 after they all complete their service.



But don’t worry ARMY, an exec from their label said, quote, “In the short term, individual activities for several of the members are planned into the first half of 2023 . . .



“And we have secured content in advance, which will enable BTS to continue their engagement with fans for the foreseeable future.”



Having the boys serve could cost South Korea BILLIONS of dollars.  As it is, they make the country more than $3.6 billion a YEAR . . . that’s equivalent to about 26 mid-size companies.



They’re also responsible for one in every 13 tourists who visit South Korea.

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