BYOC is BACK at 7-Eleven!

Ahhh, there’s nothing sweeter than the refreshing chilly awesomeness of a Slurpee. How satisfying is this image?

slurpee 711

So soothing… but that cup looks a little small, don’t you think? You’ll be down to the bottom in no time.

7 eleven my photography sluee

But not to worry, 7-Eleven knows your insatiable need for slurpees:

i hearts virginia angle richmondThat’s why, once a year, the gods of the 7-Eleven smile down upon us and tell us to bring our own cup.

Chris Timmons slurpee munchies press conference 7-11

And that time is THIS WEEKEND! March 18th and 19th! 11am-7pm! Two days of Slurpee BLISS!

work jason perez 7 eleven

$1.50 will buy you as much Slurpee as you can put in your cup! But don’t go yanking your bathtub out of the house just yet:

gifnewstest animation artists on tumblr lol illustration

There are SOME perfectly logical rules:

1.) Your cup has to fit through a 10 inch hole, they have the cutouts in store so you can test your vessel!

2.) It’s gotta be clean and food safe – DUH!

3.) It can’t leak! Again – DUH! What kind of monster would waste precious Slurpee goodness?

4.) One cup per person, per day. Or you’ll end up like Bart here:

the simpsons simpsons bart simpson bart toon

So go forth and search for your perfect Slurpee vessel and enjoy!

7 eleven frozt dormingo

Click here to get all the deets:




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