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Justin, Chantel, and Jackson had three news stories for you to choose from. They were:

Justin: If Your Anniversary Is Next Week, It Doesn’t Look Good For You. 

According to a study out of the University of Melbourne in Australia, couples who get married on Valentine’s Day are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to get divorced than other couples.
Couples who get married on February 14th are 38% more likely than other couples to split up within five years . . . and 24% more likely to get divorced within a decade. 
Why does that happen?  The researchers say it’s about the characteristics of the people who tend to pick that date for their wedding. 
Quote, “People who married on [Valentine’s Day] were less alike, in terms of education and ages, and [they’re also] more likely to have been married before and . . . have children already.”



Jackson: Get Valentine’s Day Revenge For Just $10
The Bronx Zoo is offering people the chance to name one of its Madagascar hissing cockroaches in honor of someone for Valentine’s Day.
For $10, recipients get an emailed certificate telling them one of the insects from the world’s largest roach has been named for them.
Did you get broken up with right before Valentine’s day? Name a roach after him! Running out of ways to say “no” to that weird co-worker who keeps asking you out? Name a roach after him! Keep getting blown off? Girl, name a roach after him!
The money goes to the Wildlife Conservation Society.



Chantel: The Best Pizza Is At…
(The Winner)
According to a new survey by “Travel and Leisure”, Phoenix is the city with America’s FAVORITE PIZZA.  Chicago came in fourth, and New York City was only sixth. 
So how did that happen?
“Travel and Leisure”wrote that Phoenix, quote, “offers a slice for every pizza preference . C
lassic thin crusts, award-winning margheritas, gourmet Neapolitan, wood-fired pies, traditional deep dishes, and drive-thru pizza by the slice.”
The rest of the top 10 best pizza cities in America are:  Detroit . . . Buffalo, New York . . . Chicago . . . Providence, Rhode Island . . . New York City . . . Madison, Wisconsin . . . Wilmington, North Carolina . . . Philadelphia . . . and Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Better than any engagement ring. #DailyPizza #EEEEEATS 📸: @laurencpresent

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Unsatisfied with Chantel’s story, Jon gave her the “Crowd Booing” sound effect and decided to throw in one of his own. And, weirdly enough, it was also a roach story.

Jon: What’s Crawling Around In my Brain? 

A woman living in India had a little bit of a headache. So, she took some tylenol and went to bed, thinking she could just sleep it off. She woke up to a weird sensation in her nose, so she went to the doctor. A nasal endoscope revealed that a roach had crawled up her nose. The bug was so deep into her skull, that doctors had to use forceps to retrieve it.

Se venden disfraces para carnaval, ofertas al mayor! 😂😂😂 #Disfraz #Carnaval #Cucaracha #Roach

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