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Choose the News | February 20th

Man Removes Pants On Flight: 

People magazine claims a passenger on an Air France flight from Paris to Los Angeles recently removed his pants before takeoff. The unidentified passenger went into the bathroom after boarding and took off his jeans. He then returned to his seat in only his boxer shorts. Another man with a ukulele boarded the flight before the pantsless man suggested they sing together. The pantsless man fell asleep after downing four mini bottles of wine. He put his pants back on when the flight landed. Flight attendants did nothing.



What’s the Weirdest Eating Habit You Had as a Kid?

It seems like kids are picky eaters regardless of what parenting tactics you use.  So someone on Twitter recently asked people to name the strangest eating habits they had as a kid.  Here are the best ones we saw . . .

1.  Someone said they used to only eat bananas cut lengthwise with mayonnaise.

2.  Uncooked pasta dipped in peanut butter.

3.  Salted lemon slices.

4.  Cereal with 7-Up instead of milk.

5.  Crushed-up Doritos sprinkled on ice cream.  (Which kind of sounds amazing.)

6.  Some guy said he went through a phase where he just really loved the taste of his cat’s dry food.

7.  A woman who used to eat paper said she liked to write on it first, because, quote, “the ink gave it flavor.” 

8.  Some woman admitted she used to carry around a packet of Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix and use it like chewing tobacco.

9.  Plain spaghetti, with Diet Coke as the “sauce.”

10.  A woman and her sister used to love eating “pool chips” . . . which are, quote, “tortilla chips we dipped in the swimming pool.”


Emoji License Plates Coming To Australia

Personalized Plates Queensland claims Emoji license plates will soon be available in Australia. The vanity plates will contain the Emoji symbols for “laugh out loud,” “heart,” “smile,” “wink,” and “sunglasses.” Law enforcement officials are concerned that the new plates may make it more difficult to identify vehicles.

Queensland Law Society president Bill Potts says; “How do you write down the Emoji in your plate number after an accident? I’m still a big believer in the turd. If someone is in real trouble, the smiling turd should come up.”



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