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Choose the News | January 14th

A Dad Places a Dating Ad for His Sons Before a Family Trip to New Zealand . . . and It Works

 A guy from Oregon posted a classified ad before a family trip to New Zealand to try to find possible DATES for his three adult sons while they were on vacation.  And . . . it worked.  All three guys went on dates, and one of them even hit it off with someone.

It’s always good when your parents do something MORTIFYING but it somehow works out for you.

A dad named Neil from Oregon was going on a trip to New Zealand over Christmas along with his wife and their three adult sons . . . a 26-year-old named Benjamin, a 28-year-old named Jeremy, and a 31-year-old named Matthew.

Well . . . they’re all single.  So as a joke, Neil took out a personal ad in the “New Zealand Herald” before the trip saying he was hoping to introduce his three wonderful, handsome, single sons to some, quote, “nice New Zealand daughters.”

He said the ad, quote, “At the very least [will] embarrass our sons” . . . and he gave the dates they’d be in the country and his email address.

And . . . IT WORKED.  All of the guys wound up going on dates while they were in New Zealand, and the oldest one, Matthew, apparently really hit it off and that relationship might go somewhere.



Snoop Dogg Announces Hockey Game

Snoop Dogg was the special guest broadcaster for the LA Kings. Writing about it wouldn’t do it justice, so here’s the video:


Woman Discovers Stranger in Bed With Her Dog

According to HuffPo, a Wisconsin woman woke up on New Year’s Day to find a man spooning with her 150 lbs. mastiff.

“I woke up and saw someone over here on this dog bed,” Sarver told Milwaukee station WITI. She said she and her roommate “ran into the kitchen ― grabbed a knife. Then we were scared.”

Arriving police officers woke the sleeping man and asked him if he knew where he was. The man said he needed his glasses. “Once he put them on and looked around, he said, ‘Oh yeah, this is not my house,’” Sarver said.

The unexpected sleeping partner turned out to be a 21-year-old neighbor who somehow confused his home with Sarver’s and entered it through an unlocked side door, according to WISN-TV.



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