Disney Conspiracies | The Mix Morning Fix Podcast Nov 29

Jon wants to move to an old folks’ community, Justin wants to know about your underwear, and we all find out that Jackson is a musical theater nerd.

All this, plus a star studded 7:30 2nd Date Update.

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Show Extras

Matt Lauer
Sexual assault allegations against NBC’s Matt Lauer lead to his termination. Check it out here.

Butter Sock
During “Name the Year,” a listener suggested that the story may have ended with a “butter sock,” a term we had never heard. It’s a reference to iCarly in which one of characters fills a sock full of butter and attacks someone with it.


Is Tarzan Elsa’s Brother?
We talked about the theory that Tarzan is the brother to Anna and Elsa from Frozen. What do you think?



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