E-Cigarette Explodes in a Guy’s Pocket

E-Cigarettes are quickly replacing traditional ones, mostly because people think it’s safer. They’re not “safer” there is no safe cigarette, e or not.

Maybe slightly less deadly, but certainly not safe.

While the scientists do more research into the dangers of e-cigs, one thing is for sure… they have an annoying habit of blowing up.

This poor fella just want to get some snacks for the gas station when his e-cigarette violently exploded.

Can you image what would have happened if it had exploded while he was pumping gas?

He, as well as those around him could have been killed.

Be safe out there everyone, the best thing to do would be NOT to smoke. Seriously, don’t smoke.

But if you insist on using e-cigs, store them somewhere safe and never pump gas while it’s in your pocket.


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