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Matthew McConaughey Finally Got a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Interstellar actor received the 2,534th star on Monday and had plenty of A-list pals in attendance; including Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, director Christopher Nolan, and Don Phillips, but it was his super adorable family that stole the show. Matthew was joined by wife Camila Alves, 32, and their three children, Livingston, nearly 2; Levi, 6; and Vida, 4. Get the full story here.

Charles Manson is Getting Married Next Month

If you’ve been unlucky in love lately, take heart:  If Charles Manson can find himself a lady, so can you.  Charlie, an 80-year-old dirtbag who’s been rotting away in prison for 45 years, is getting married. His bride is 26-year-old Afton Elaine Burton.  And yeah, she’s obviously insane, but she’s kind of easy on the eyes. Charles and Afton got their marriage license yesterday, and plan on getting hitched next month.  Afton says they can invite up to 10 people from the outside. Get the full story here.

For those may not remember how nuts this guy is:

Solange Knowles Broke Out in Hives at Her Wedding Reception

She looked fantastic in her wedding photos, but apparently she broke out sometime during the reception. Solange left the reception with her sister BEYONCÉ, who was trying to shield her face from the paparazzi.  They did manage to get a close-up, though. Solange thanked Benadryl and said that despite the breakout, Saturday was the best day of her life. Here’s a video of her dancing with her son. Get the full story here.

Jaden and Willow Smith’s Bizarre Interview

In an interview with the “New York Times”, they just said so many bizarre things it’s hard to know where to begin.  Like how you never learn anything in “normal school”, and all the kids who go to them are “teenagery”, “angsty” and “depressed”.  And Willow said, quote, “There’re no novels that I like to read so I write my own novels, and then I read them again, and it’s the best thing.” Get the full story here.

You Can Lay in Justin Bieber’s Childhood Bed for Just $279,000!

Justin’s grandparents are selling their 3-bedroom home in Stratford, Ontario … and one of those bedrooms belonged to young Biebs — who spent about 80% of his childhood at the house. The house is being marketed as Justin’s former crib.  As for the asking price … it’s pushing it, but grandma and gramps think a rich Belieber will ante up. Get the full story here.

‘Bumfights’ Creators Busted For Mailing Body Parts

The co-creators of the “Bumfights” video series were arrested in Thailand over the weekend for allegedly packaging child body parts stolen from a hospital, and shipping them to the U.S. labeled as “toys.” The packages were reportedly intended for friends in Las Vegas as a prank & contained several body parts. Both guys were taken into custody and questioned by cops, but were eventually released for lack of evidence. They’ve since fled to Cambodia. Get the full story here.


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