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Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are Engaged!

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are, in fact, engaged. A source says “Both Meek and Nicki have been spending amazing quality time together lately and have gotten extremely close these past few months, it may seem like it all is happening very quickly but Nicki and Meek are in this 100. They truly love each other.” Nicki has been teasing us on Twitter by sharing a diamond ring emoji with the words, “I’ll post it later.” Well she finally posted it, and it’s big, like huge! A jewelry expert told E! News that the ring is likely around 15 carats, and would retail for about $500,000.00! On Monday evening, Mill shared a yellow heart emoji on Twitter. The next day, his girlfriend captioned a photo from Miami with the words, “I wish every night could feel like last night.” Get the full story here.

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Zach Galifianakis is Adorable on Sesame Street

Zach Galifianakis stopped by “Sesame Street” on Tuesday, and he learned the meaning of the word “nimble.” Of all the adjectives you might use to describe Zach Galifianakis, “nimble” might not be the first one that comes to mind. Get the full story here

Dennis Quaid’s On-Set Meltdown was a Prank for “Funny Or Die”

Footage of Quaid yelling on-set went viral Tuesday, and many immediately began pointing fingers at Kimmel. He addressed these accusations on his show Tuesday night, and less than 24 hours later, Funny or Die released a video exposing the truth behind the video: that it was all staged. It turns out the insults he threw around in the “leaked” video are literal: “Dopey the D***” is his name for a man dressed in a head-to-toe man parts costume, “p*****s” is what he calls a basket full of kittens, and he steps on actual horse poop when he exclaims “this is horsesh**!” Watch the full video, and get the story here.

*WARNING: This clip contains UNCENSORED profanity!*


Sofia Vergara’s Ex-Fiancé Wants to Have a Baby with Her Fertilized Eggs

Sofia Vergara is engaged to Joe Manganiello now, but her ex-fiancé is suing her for the right to make a baby from one of her fertilized eggs. When Sofia and Nick Loeb were still together, they took some of her eggs, fertilized them with his essence, and then had them frozen so they could have a baby at some point in the future. Well, since they’re no longer together, Sofia wants to destroy those eggs. But Nick is trying to stop her, because he still wants a kid. Nick also claims in his lawsuit that Sofia physically abused him four times during their relationship, punching him in the face twice, kicking him once and throwing her phone at his head. She was also verbally abusive. A source close to Sofia denies the abuse, and says Nick only wants one of their kids so he can get child support from her. Get the full story here.

‘Empire’ Sued Again, “You Stole My Life Story!”

A friend of the Jackson family is suing Terrence Howard, Lee Daniels, “Empire” and others, claiming the hit show is a carbon copy of his film about his life as a “gangster, pimp and drug dealer.” Ron Newt, who describes himself as a “known ghetto player” claims he met with Terrence at the Four Seasons hotel a while back and they discussed Ron’s documentary, “Bigger than Big.” Ron says Terrence connected to it, and said he wanted to play him in the film. Fast forward to January, when “Empire” debuted to huge ratings. Ron says the similarities are more than suspicious. “Empire” 4 drug dealers killed. “Bigger than Big” script: 4 drug dealers were killed. “Empire” Lucious shot his long-time friend. BTB: Prince shoots his friend. Ron wants a billion dollars. Get the full story here.

V. Stiviano has Been Ordered to Return $2.6 Million Back to Shelly Sterling

Racist former L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling is back in the news. Yesterday, a judge ordered his alleged mistress V. Stiviano to return $2.6 million in cash and property to Sterling’s estranged wife Shelly. Shelly sued Stiviano, claiming she seduced her husband into throwing money and expensive gifts at her from their shared funds, and that Stiviano and Donald plotted to hide those gifts from Shelly. Under the court’s ruling, Stiviano has to give up a $1.8 million duplex and $800,000 in cash and luxury cars. Shelly originally wanted $3.6 million worth of stuff back, including clothing, jewelry, a $391 Easter Bunny costume, a $12 lace thong, and a one-dollar donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital that was part of a purchase at CVS. Get the full story here.

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