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Anna Kendrick’s “Shower Thoughts” Are Fantastic

Anna Kendrick did her own version of “Shower Thoughts,” a Nick Offerman video where he just sat there making funny and/or brilliant observations.  Anna’s Shower Thoughts include: “Does a frozen yogurt headache burn fewer calories than an ice cream headache?”…”Using your laptop to research buying a new one is like asking it to dig its own grave.”…”Will Ferrell and Pharrell Williams have reverse names.”…”When a pregnant woman swims, she’s basically a human submarine.”…”If you break a pencil, you have two pencils.  But if you break a pen, you have zero pens.”…”I wonder what my dog named me.” Get the full story here.

Ashton Kutcher Renovated His Childhood Home as a Gift to His Mother

Ashton Kutcher renovated his boyhood home in Iowa as a Mother’s Day gift to his mom, and to promote, a home design website he bought into. He says, quote, “My mom has been the greatest influence in my life, my parents gave me everything.  They went to great sacrifices to give me the life that I have and anything I can do to say thank you is the right thing.” Ashton and his stepdad built the house when he was just 13, about 23 years ago, but thanks to the new renovations, it’s more accommodating to grandchildren, including Wyatt Isabelle, his daughter with Mila Kunis. Get the full story here.

Check Out Footage of U2 Performing in a New York Subway

U2 performed a surprise acoustic gig on the platform of a New York City subway station on Monday night, they did Angel of Harlem”, “Beautiful Day”, and “Song for Someone”. Apparently it was a stunt for their appearance on “The Tonight Show” on Friday.  Jimmy Fallon was there, and he’s been filming stuff with U2 all around the city, including a recreation of Bono’s bike accident. Get the full story here.

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Boxing Fans Have Filed a Class Action Law Suit Against Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao and his fight promoters have been hit with 2 class action lawsuits by people who claim he screwed fans, Pay-Per-View buyers, and gamblers out of serious money by not disclosing his shoulder injury before the Mayweather fight. TMZ Sports has obtained the lawsuit filed in federal court in Nevada, in which Stephane Vanel and Kami Rahbaran are suing on behalf of a class that feel cheated. In the suit,  Vanel and Rahbaran claim they are fighting “on behalf of all persons who purchased tickets; purchased the pay-per-view event; or who wagered money on the event.” The plaintiffs are suing Pacquiao, Bob Arum, Top Rank Boxing and others for consumer fraud — and they’re demanding at least $5 million in damages. Get the full story here.

Chris Kattan Escorted From Phoenix Airport by Police

Chris Kattan was mumbling and nervously walking around the gate until 5 responding officers arrived to escort him out of Sky Harbor Airport. He told them he had popped an Ambien earlier in the day, and it was still in his system. Kattan told TMZ he was up very late Saturday night for a wrap party, and on his way home to L.A. he missed a connecting flight in Phoenix. He says he was just looking for a spot to crash in the terminal when cops arrived. Cops took him to a hotel to sleep before he caught a later flight. He says the officers were kind, and cops say Kattan was cooperative. Get the full story here.

Floyd Mayweather’s Ex Has Sued Him for $20 Million

The mother of three of Floyd Mayweather’s children filed a defamation lawsuit Tuesday against the boxing great, claiming he lied in a recent interview about her being on drugs the morning of a 2010 domestic violence incident. Josie Harris is asking for $20 million in damages after the fighter said that she was on drugs and he was just trying to hold her back during the altercation. Mayweather was arrested in September 2010 after authorities said he punched Harris at his Las Vegas home, where she was living with his two young sons and a daughter. The assault took place in front of Mayweather’s children, and in fact, it was his child who called 911. Floyd served 2 months in prison for the assault. Get the full story here.


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