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Drunk Chris Pratt Gives Hilarious Acting Advice

In this YouTube video, produced by GQ, the 35-year-old “Jurassic World” star offers some terrible acting advice while chugging a bottle of Fireball whisky. “We’re at the end of a GQ photoshoot and we’re supposed to do an acting DVD, acting video kind of bit for YouTube,” the actor says to the camera. “Truth is, it’s hot as hell and I’m drunk.” Pratt’s acting lessons include scenarios like, “How to act when you see a T-Rex at a Jamba Juice” and “How to act when you get pulled over and you have weed in your glove compartment.” Get more here.

WARNING: Video contains profanity!

Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Has Broken a Vevo Record

Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video drew 20.1 million views in just 24 hours, which set a new record for Vevo.  Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda” video was the previous record-holder, with 19.6 million views in a day. When Taylor found out, she Tweeted, quote, “FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW . . . THANK YOU.”  In all, her videos have accumulated nearly five billion total views on Vevo. Get more here.

And on the off chance you’re the one person who hasn’t seen it, here you go:

The Rock Surprised a Fan with a Wedding he Officiated

Prank It Forward and “Screen Junkies” got together to surprise “Screen Junkies” producer Nick Mundy. Nick thought he was walking into a disaster of a press junket for Johnson’s upcoming film “San Andreas.” Instead, he walked into his own wedding. “I am officially ordained by the state of California. I go all out, because you’re my bestie,” Johnson declared, before walking Mundy down the aisle. The two have become buddies over the course of past interviews, Mundy is a huge fan. Get more here.

Vin Diesel Sings Tove Lo’s ‘Habits’ As A Tribute To Paul Walker

Vin Diesel posted a video on Facebook of him singing Tove Lo’s “Habits (Stay High)”. He doesn’t have the greatest voice in the world, but his caption suggests that he’s singing as way to honor Paul Walker and deal with his death. Here’s a clip. The caption said, “The ever continuing process of healing . . . All love . . .” Get more here.

The ever continuing process of healing…All love…

Posted by Vin Diesel on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reese Witherspoon Will Star in a Live-Action Tinkerbell Movie

This is what you call perfect casting: Reese Witherspoon is going to star in and produce a live-action movie about Tinkerbell, called “Tink”. It’s the latest in a growing number of Disney cartoons being given the live-action treatment, including “Maleficent” and “Alice in Wonderland”, along with upcoming new takes on “The Jungle Book” and “Beauty and the Beast”. There’s no word on the plot, but sources say it’ll offer a “new perspective” on the character, and will, quote, “play with the idea and the timeline of the ‘Peter Pan’ narrative.” Get more here.

Flavor Flav Was Arrested

Flavor Flav had a run-in with the Nevada Highway Patrol late Wednesday night, after he was caught going 73 in a 45 mile-per-hour zone.  But Flav wasn’t just slapped with a ticket . . . he was arrested and booked on a laundry list of charges, including: DUI, possession of marijuana, open container, speeding, bogus registration, and driving with a suspended license. He was released yesterday after posting $7,000 bail, which just doesn’t seem high enough. Get more here.


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