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Leonardo DiCaprio is Suing a Tabloid That Says He Knocked Up Rihanna

Leonardo DiCaprio is suing a French magazine that claims he knocked up Rihanna and won’t admit he’s the father.  The magazine is called “Oops!”, if you can believe it, and they know the story is bogus. In an interview with an American website, one of the owners says, quote, “We didn’t know [if Rihanna was pregnant].  We thought she might be.  We were not sure, of course.” Still, he’s shocked Leo is suing, and says he thinks it might be, quote, “the first time an American superstar has sued a French magazine.” Leo might never have even heard of the magazine or its story, except that he was in France for the Cannes Film Festival when it came out.  He’s suing for $20,000 in damages and legal fees, the maximum allowed by French law. Get more here.


William Shatner will Ride across America on a Custom Motorcycle

William Shatner ride across the U.S. on a custom trike motorcycle. The “Star Trek” star announced plans Monday for the cross-country mission to promote his custom trike and raise awareness about the American Legion. “I am taking another step into the unknown,” the 84-year-old actor said in a statement. Shatner partnered with motorcycle builder American Wrench to create the Rivet motorcycle. Shatner will be joined by members of the American Legion and American Wrench crew. The company is planning to sell limited quantities of Shatner’s trike, which is described as a “landjet” that will feature a V8 engine and an exposed cockpit with seating “only for a captain.” Get more here.

Reese Witherspoon Taught a Walmart Worker How to Bend and Snap

Reese Witherspoon appeared at a Walmart shareholders meeting in Fayetteville, Ark. While onstage Reese pulled a Walmart employee on stage and taught him how to do the “Bend, Snap” “Bend, and you snap, and you stock!” Witherspoon explained in Woods’ signature voice to a worker. “Now you try!” With a little short prayer, the unidentified employee totally nailed the move. Carol Burnett, Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart, Brian McKnight, and Drew Barrymorewere also in attendance at the annual meeting. Get more here.

Flavor Flav Passed Out Peanuts on a Southwest Flight

Flavor Flav was on a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to Vegas on Saturday, when he decided he wanted to help out the flight crew. With the crew’s permission, Flav grabbed a bag of peanuts and pretzels and began handing them out to the passengers. At one point, Flav proclaimed, “Today the back of the plane is 1st class!!!!” Everyone loved it, and Flav took pics with everyone who wanted one. Get more here.

Minnie Driver Messes Up the Lyrics of the National Anthem

Minnie Driver sang the National Anthem at the Dodgers game on Saturday night,and she screwed up the lyrics even though they’re projected on a giant screen in center field. Here’s her performance.  “The Star Spangled Banner” begins, “O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light. What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming.”  She replaced the word “proudly” with “prided.”  Then during the verse that says, “O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming,” she replaced “watched” with “hailed.”  After singing, she admitted her mistake on Twitter. Get more here.

Kate Major is in Rehab After a Drunken Assault’ on Michael Lohan

The 32-year-old former journalist entered a treatment facility on Wednesday in Orange County, California, TMZ reports. Michael, who shares two children with Kate, is said to be fully supportive of the decision as his wife is reported to have committed to at least 30 days of rehabilitation. Back in April Kate was arrested for a ‘drunken attack’ on her husband Michael. Kate, who was ordered to rehab by Michael last year, is said to have had an alcohol relapse before getting physical with the father of Lindsay Lohan. Get more here.


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