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Harry Styles Called Out a Former Classmate for Stealing His Girl

A lot of girls wouldn’t mind dating Harry Styles but at a One Direction show in Norway on Friday, Harry told a story about a girl who dumped him for another guy seven years ago, and that guy was in the crowd. He said, quote, “Okay, I have a friend from school in the audience tonight called Jack Robinson.  I’m gonna tell you a quick little story before we do the next song.  About when I was 14 years old, and Jack stole my girlfriend,”If he’s still here at the end of the show, feel free [to give him] little kicks, little digs on the way out.  Jack Robinson down there, I love you, sir.” The cameras were on Jack, and he just smiled, shrugged, and waved his arms. Get more here.

Diddy Was Arrested for Assaulting a UCLA Football Coach

Sean “Diddy” Combs was arrested yesterday after he allegedly tried to assault a coach for the UCLA football team.  He was taken in by campus police, then transferred to the L.A. County Jail. Diddy’s son Justin plays defensive back for the team, and Diddy often shows up for practices.  A source says the team’s strength coach Sal Alosi was riding Justin pretty hard during a strength and conditioning session yesterday. So after practice, Diddy went to Alosi’s office to talk to talk to him.  Things got heated, and Diddy reportedly picked up a kettlebell weight and swung it, narrowly missing the coach.  He was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon. Diddy’s people say it was Alosi who lunged at Diddy first, and Diddy only picked up the kettlebell and held it up to defend himself. Alosi does have a reputation for being a jerk.  When he was a coach for the New York Jets in 2010, he was suspended for tripping a Miami Dolphins player on the sidelines. Get more here.

Conrad Hilton was Arrested, Again…

Paris Hilton’s brother Conrad Hilton has been arrested for breaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend. Conrad had been dating Hunter Salomon, the daughter of Rick Salomon, from the the infamous adult video “1 Night in Paris,” and Pamela Anderson’s recently ex husband. Hunter claims after they broke up, Conrad became obsessive and scary, showing up at her house at all hours and even threatening to kill himself. Hunter got a restraining order but on Monday Conrad broke into her family home in the Hollywood Hills. An army of cops, along with helicopters, swarmed the house and arrested him. Conrad is currently in custody. Get more here.



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