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Ariana Grande Is Apologizing for Saying “I Hate Americans” During Her Donut-Licking Incident

Earlier this week, a video made the rounds online of Ariana Grande and her boyfriend apparently daring each other to lick donuts on a shelf at a donut shop, that they were not buying. At the end of the clip, a tray of donuts was put in front of Ariana, and she said, quote, “What the [eff] is that?  I hate Americans.  I hate America.  That’s disgusting.”

Well, Ariana has issued a pseudo-apology for her comments, and is blaming the whole thing on America’s child obesity crisis. In a long statement to Buzzfeed, Ariana said, quote, She didn’t address the alleged “donut-licking” and she didn’t really explain why she was in the donut shop, given her apparent sensitivity to sugary goodness. Meanwhile, she has also pulled out of a performance at next week’s MLB All-Star Game concert. Demi Lovato is replacing her. Ariana claims it had nothing to do with “DonutGate,” it’s that she’s recovering from “emergency oral surgery.” Get more here.

Luke Wilson Got $438K From His Former Assistant

A judge has awarded Luke Wilson $438K from his ex-assistant who had allegedly been using his credit cards. Charles Lodi raked up over $120,000 in wedding expenses, vacations and cash. Wilson caught Lodi in 2014 and they came to an agreement that the former assistant would pay $75K in three installments but only paid $15K before fleeing to Utah. So if you meet a man named Charles, don’t trust him. Get more here.

Mike Reno from Loverboy Apologizes for Writing “Working for the Weekend”

Loverboy’s lead singer Mike Reno is in a new ad where he apologizes for writing the song “Working for the Weekend” but it’s all just a joke. The ad is for the job website, and he says the lyrics don’t apply anymore, because Indeed is helping millions of people find jobs they actually like. Get more here.


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