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Ed Sheeran Just Got a HUGE Chest Tattoo

A month ago, Ed Sheeran told the BBC that he’d memorialize his three sold-out shows at Wembley Stadium by having a lion, the mascot of England’s soccer team, which plays in the arena, tattooed upon his chest. He was not joking. On Tuesday, a selfie on Instagram featuring an unfinished lion’s head emblazoned upon his torso. “Halfway and ouch,” he wrote in the caption. Get more here.

Halfway and ouch

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Meghan Trainor Is Canceling the Rest of Her Tour Due to Vocal Cord Hemorrhage

Meghan Trainor hasn’t been able to recover from her vocal cord issues, so she’s canceling her tour. She says, quote, “I was being careful and taking precautions, but I have hemorrhaged my vocal cord again. I got bronchitis, and have been coughing a lot, and that pushed it over the edge. “Sadly, I’ll need to cancel the remainder of my tour, and get surgery to finally fix this once and for all. I’m devastated, scared, and so sorry.” Get more here.


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Kim Kardashian Has Received a Warning From the FDA

Kim Kardashian West has received a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration. The letter requests that Kim remove an Instagram post from July of her promoting Diclegis, a drug she credited for helping with morning sickness. According to the letter, Kim failed to mention any risks related to the drug. Kim did include a link to the drug’s website, but the FDA says it wasn’t enough, since her post implies that the product is safe and does not carry any risks for the baby. All prescription drug ads or endorsements are required to list all possible risks associated with the drug. Kim has since deleted the post. Get more here.


Perez Hilton is Calling for a Kardashian Free Week!

Perez Hilton posted an article yesterday calling for a “Kardashian Klense!” He asks everyone to join him for the Kardashian Free Week August 17-21. Instead of covering Kardashian stories, they’ll be posting “inspiring stories about amazing women from all around the world!” using hashtag #NoKardashiansForAWeek. Perez may have been inspired by a news anchor who was so sick of talking about the Kardashians he gets up and walks out! We’ll be participating in the cleanse, will you? Get more here.

Jennifer Garner’s Nanny is Suing for Wrongful Termination

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s nanny is reportedly thinking about filing a wrongful termination lawsuit against Jennifer. The latest we’re hearing is that Jen fired Christine Ouzounian after she found out that Ben took her to Las Vegas with him. She didn’t have any evidence of an affair, but apparently that was close enough. What happened was that Ben left a family trip in the Bahamas to attend a charity poker tournament in Las Vegas. Christine was on the trip, too and she left with him. As far as Jen knew, she was just hitching a ride to the States, and her plan was to continue on to L.A. once they landed in Vegas. But that’s not what happened. On the way to Vegas they picked up Tom Brady, and Christine went to the tournament with them. Ben kept Christine hidden the whole time, but Jen found out, so that was that. The divorce was already in the works, so this trip isn’t what caused it. But there’s still speculation that Ben’s relationship with Christine had something to do with it. Get more here.

Jessie Jackson’s Daughter Wants to be a Rapper

Jesse Jackson’s 16-year-old daughter Ashley wants to be a rap star and has just recorded her first rap song, but Jessie isn’t happy about it and thinks she’s on the wrong path. The Reverend thinks Ashley needs to focus on graduating high school. He’s not forbidding her from seeking a rap career, but he’s definitely doesn’t approve. TMZ has a copy of the song, check it out:

Get more here.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Company  is Being Sued by 40 Interns

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Company, Dualstar Entertainment Group, has named in a class action suit that alleges wage theft on behalf of about 40 current and former interns. Former intern Shahista Lalani, put in 50-hour weeks completing menial tasks that included “running personal errands for paid employees.” Shahista claims she was hospitalized for dehydration during her stint at the label. The suit says there are many other interns in Lalani’s position, and they should have been paid the minimum wage plus overtime because they were doing the same type of jobs as the paid colleagues without receiving academic or vocational credit. Dualstar has since responded in a statement to E! News saying: “As an initial matter, Dualstar is an organization that is committed to treating all individuals fairly and in accordance with all applicable laws,” the company wrote. “The allegations in the complaint filed against Dualstar are groundless, and Dualstar will vigorously defend itself against plaintiff’s claims in court, not before the media.” Get more here.

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