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Kelly Clarkson Stopped her SLC Concert Mid-Song to Play with a Baby

Kelly Clarkson stopped mid song during a recent concert in Utah to hold a baby in the crowd, and it was caught on video. Clarkson was singing her hit “Breakaway” during the Aug. 8 concert at Usana when she spied a cute, blond-haired boy in the crowd. Kelly simply couldn’t help herself when she saw 16-month-old Boston Skinner and stopped singing to ask if she could hold the tot. “We are just amazed that Kelly would stop singing just to give our little guy some love,” said Boston’s father, Josh Skinner. Many babies might fuss and cry if a stranger holds them, but Boston takes to the stage (and Clarkson) like a pro, even charming the crowd with the tiniest finger wave. Get more here.

Pink Wrote Ellen a New Theme Song

For the 13th season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which kicks off on Sept. 8, Ellen recruited Pink to write and record the new theme song for her show, “Today’s the Day.” The song is upbeat, inspiring and will leave you with a massive smile on your face, just like Ellen! The Ellen Show also put together a behind the scene’s of the song’s recording, featuring a very special guest: Pink’s 4-year-old daughter, Willow. Get more here.

Lamar Odom Confronted Khloe Kardashian Outside a Gym and Started Yelling at Her

Lamar Odom ambushed Khloe Kardashian outside a gym in Beverly Hills yesterday morning, and started yelling at her. It happened at about 6:45, as Khloe was making her way into a place called SoulCycle. We don’t know what Lamar wanted, but witnesses say he was demanding that she talk to him. She wasn’t interested though. She tried to just keep walking, but he touched her arm, and she screamed, quote, “Get off of me, get off me! Stop! Stop!” She also asked him how he knew where to find her. When someone nearby asked if Khloe wanted them to call the police, Lamar said, quote, “You’re not going to call the cops on Lamar Odom.” Khloe was pretty freaked out, and ended up getting back in her car and taking off. A source tells “People” that Khloe had to change her phone numbers several weeks ago, because he wouldn’t stop calling. After letting their divorce papers sit for more than a year, Khloe and Lamar finally signed them last month. Get more here.

Ariel Winter from “Modern Family” Got a Breast Reduction

Fans of “Modern Family” have noticed over the past few years how Ariel Winter has developed, or over-developed. Her bust grew to a 32F, and she’s only 17. So on June 4th, she had surgery to reduce her chest to a 34D. She says she used to wish she could grow boobs, and then it kind of happened overnight. But then they just got out of control, quote, “I was 15 years old with [size] F [breasts]. It’s like, ‘How do you navigate that?'” In addition to unwanted attention, she was also experiencing a lot of neck and back pain, and often had to hunch over on the set if she was standing up too long. Now she’s pain-free and a lot happier. She even cried the first time she went clothes shopping after the surgery. As for why she settled on a D-cup, she says, quote, “I have always been a curvier girl. And I enjoy being a curvier girl. I don’t want to be disproportionate again. I have a big butt, I like having a big butt. I didn’t want to have a big butt and no boobs!” As for her co-stars, Ariel says Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara have been really supportive, but the guys, quote, “don’t want to say anything . . . it’s funny now for them to notice and see the reactions.” Get more here.

Thank you so much @glamourmag and @JRadloff. I feel so blessed that you gave me a chance to share my story. I am extremely humbled. Jessica you are amazing!!!! To my fans, you guys have all been so supportive and I couldn’t thank y’all more. You are all amazing human beings and I’m honored to have you. HUGE thanks go to the people who support me, love me, and take care of me in every way possible. To my incredible sister @shanelle_gray, her husband @davidbarrygray, my beautiful baby nieces, the love of my life @laurent_claude_gaudette and our furry babies Casper and Rocco, my father Glenn Workman, and my best friends @jessiebergg, @huntershocket, @ohmyskyy, and @music4joejoe who have been by my side through everything, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I love you all more than anything. I don’t know what I’d do without you guys❤️ Thanks is also in order to my awesome team who works so hard for me all the time. I wouldn’t be where I am without them!!! Thank you!!! Lastly, never be afraid to speak your mind. Always make decisions because YOU want to, and always do what makes YOU happy. Xx Hair by @bobbyeliot/Makeup by @kristeeliu/Styling by @Anita Patrickson & Jordan Wright/Photos by @collinstark and @jessicastark_

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James Earl Jones Will Return as Mufasa in a “Lion King” Sequel

James Earl Jones will return as Mufasa in a new “Lion King” sequel that’s premiering on the Disney Channel in November.  After that, it will become a series on Disney in 2016.  It’s called “The Lion Guard:  Return of the Roar”, and it’s got Rob Lowe and Gabrielle Union doing the voices of Simba and his wife Nala. But the focus of the show will be their young son Kion.  He’s the leader of the Lion Guard, a team of animals who preserve the Pride Lands.  The other members include an egret, a cheetah, a hippo, and a honey badger. There’s no word how Mufasa comes back, since he died when Simba was just a cub.  He’ll probably be some kind of spirit, the way he returned to Simba in the clouds in the original. Get more here.

Here’s a clip from the new movie:

Don Johnson’s White Ferrari from “Miami Vice” Is Being Auctioned Off

The white 1986 Ferrari Testarossa that Don Johnson’s character Sonny Crockett drove on “Miami Vice” is being auctioned off. It’s happening in Monterey, California on August 15th. The car has been in storage since the show was canceled in 1989. It’ll be interesting to see what it goes for. It was offered for $1.75 million on eBay last year but didn’t sell. Get more here.


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