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Clarkson Sings People’s Actual Tinder Profiles

Kelly Clarkson was on “Kimmel” last night, and he had her sing people’s actual Tinder profiles. We don’t know how she was able to keep it together during this bit including lines like “I love my hairless cat, baking cookies & smoking blunts.” She also performed an incredible version of “Invincible,” watch them both! Get more here.

Lady Gaga Doesn’t Want There to Be “Gaga” Breast Milk Ice Cream

Lady Gaga is supposedly threatening to sue a British company that makes human breast milk ice cream for ripping off her name, because it’s called “Royal Baby Gaga.” The company that makes it, The Licktators, says they actually named it to commemorate the birth of Princess Charlotte, who’s Prince William and Kate Middleton’s second kid. They add that she doesn’t own the word ‘gaga’ because it’s, quote, “a sound that babies commonly make.” The ice cream is made out of human breast milk, vanilla, and lemon. Get more here.


Michael Jordan Hates Mackelmore’s Green Jordans

Mackelmore is a big fan of sneakers, especially Jordans, and so, he recently had some custom Air Jordan colorways made. Then, when he had the opportunity to meet Michael Jordan, he asked him what he thought. He tells “Complex”, quote, “I showed him the shoe, I have two pairs, the green [ones] and the [clay-colored ones], and he was like ‘I don’t like green. [Eff] green. It reminds me of some Christmas [crap]. No one is trying to wear some Christmas shoes.’ [He] just completely discarded my color.” On the plus-side, he got Michael to agree to a selfie with him, which is rare for Michael. Get more here.


Police Were Called to Madonna’s 57th Birthday Party

Madonna’s desperate attempt to stay relevant got a slight boost over the weekend, when police were called to her 57th birthday party in the Hamptons. Someone called in a noise complaint at around 2:30 Sunday morning. The cops came, the music was turned down, and they left. But sources say that once they were gone, the volume went back up. Get more here.


Rosie O’Donnell’s Daughter Went Missing, But She’s Okay

Rosie O’Donnell’s 17-year-old daughter Chelsea went missing, but she’s been found safe. Chelsea ran away from home and was last seen by the family on August 11th. Yesterday, Rosie Tweeted a plea for people to be on the lookout for her, possibly in the New York City area. She took her 6-month-old therapy dog with her. Then last night, Rosie Tweeted that she’d been found, and was safe in police custody. Rosie’s spokeswoman later said that Chelsea had stopped taking her medication for an undisclosed mental illness. Get more here.

The Duggars Are Pitching a New Show Where They Counsel Sex Abuse Victims

Last month, TLC officially canceled “19 Kids & Counting” in the wake of a sex abuse scandal involving several of the children. And rumor has it the Duggars are desperate to get back on TV, so they can once again afford to have 19 kids. And counting. So, they’re reportedly pitching a spin-off to TLC, where they counsel child sex abuse victims. It’s unclear if TLC is interested, but they could be. The network has struggled through multiple sex abuse scandals, and they are airing that sex abuse special later this month called “Breaking the Silence”, which features members of the Duggar family. Get more here.


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