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Justin Bieber Caught Scolding a “Today” Show Production Crew

The new-and-improved Justin Bieber is on the scene, with his first #1 single, “What Do You Mean?”. He’s grown up, he’s trying not to act like a brat, and he’s crying onstage to show how real he is, or something. But some things never change. Justin was on the “Today” show yesterday, where he was given a plaque from Guinness World Records, for becoming the youngest male artist to go #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. He also performed. But he started whining when one of the cameras got too close to him, because viewers wouldn’t be able to see his sweet dance moves. He said, quote, “Next time I won’t dance because the camera’s right here the whole time. “Might as well not even dance . . . so, what do I do this for if they’re just . . .” The video feed cut out at that point. Justin probably didn’t realize his mic was live at the time, and was apparently talking to an off-site director or producer. Oops. Get more here.

Taylor Swift Concert Interrupted by Fire Alarm

Taylor was backstage at Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX when the fire alarm began to sound. The arena was evacuated, but Taylor took to Instagram to document her confusion and unease. The automated voice tells everyone to evacuate the building and stay away from elevators. In the background you can hear Mama Swift telling Taylor to put some clothes on so they can evacuate. Taylor argues that a robe counts as clothes. Fortunetly it was just a false alarm and the show went on as planned. Wiz Kalifa joined Taylor onstage for an amazing rendition of his hit “See You Again.” Get more here.

A fire alarm is going off in the stadium and we don’t know what to do.

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on


Kesha Officiated Another Wedding

The pop star officiated the wedding of her hairstylist, Vittorio Masecchia, and his husband, Felipe Noqueira. She’s done it before, Kesha was ordained in 2012, and officiated the wedding of two female friends. Kesha has been vocal about her support of equal rights for the LGBT community. She shared an adorable photo of the couple tying the knot on Instagram. Get more here.

#VxF 💍❤️💍 all u need is love 💘💘💘 A photo posted by Kesha (@iiswhoiis) on

Susan Sarandon Brought Timothy Leary’s Ashes to Burning Man

Susan Sarandon went to burning man, and someone caught this touchingly bizarre speech on video. She was dressed flower child and sang the praises Timothy Leary. She held a ceremony honoring him, apparently the two were friends and he left her some of his ashes after he died. Susan explains that most of his ashes were shot into space. She never actually personally admits to using LSD, but obviously she has. She then took Leary’s ashes to a temple she helped build, and spread them. Get more here.

Lorenzo Lamas’s Son Arrested For Robbery

Lorenzo Lamas, best known for starring in the 90’s TV Show Renegade has a reality show called “Leave It To Lamas.” His son A.J. appeared frequently on the show. But A.J. is in the news for all the wrong reasons today. He was arrested for stealing from Target. Apparently, he fought his way out with a baby in his arms. He was caught and arrested, police say he stole a wrench, clothes and tennis shoes. When security tried to stop him, he punched the security and got away. What makes it particularly dangerous and sad, is that he had a baby in his arms during the incident. He was found at a nearby hotel and arrested. Get more here.

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