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Denver DJ Got Fired for Grabbing Taylor Swift’s Butt

Denver radio personality David Muller is suing Taylor Swift, after he got fired for allegedly grabbing her backside at a meet-and-greet two years ago. Mueller was working for KYGO at the time, under the air name Jackson. He and his girlfriend posed for a picture with Taylor, and she said he lifted her skirt and grabbed her butt. The two of them were immediately ejected by Taylor’s security, and then his station fired him. Mueller says it never happened. And while it was KYGO’s decision to fire him, he’s suing Taylor because her people called the station and reported the incident, and also supposedly provided “evidence”. Get more here.

Donald Trump on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon

Donald Trump was on “The Tonight Show” on Friday night, and he participated in a great five-minute sketch, where Jimmy Fallon did his Trump impression into a fake “mirror,” and Trump played himself in the reflection. During the interview, Fallon asked Trump if he’s ever apologized, and he responded, quote, “I will absolutely apologize . . . if I’m ever wrong.”

The Miss America Pageant Was Last Night

The Miss America pageant was last night in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Miss Georgia was crowned the new Miss America, her name is Betty Cantrell.  The first runner-up was Miss Mississippi, and the second runner-up was Miss Colorado. Before she won, Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell, was asked whether or not she thought Tom Brady cheated in the deflated balls scandal.  She kind of skirted around the question and gave a non-answer. Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, was asked by Kevin O’Leary, a Canadian entrepreneur, what woman she thinks should be on the $10 bill.  And she gave a pretty unexpected answer. She said it should be Ellen DeGeneres.  She was half-joking and half-serious, so it actually worked. In the first part of the show, Sam Haskell, the CEO, actually apologized to Vanessa Williams for stripping her of her Miss America title in 1984 because of nude photos. He apologized to both her and her mother, and said she’ll always be a “Miss America.” Get more here.

A Whitney Houston Hologram Will Tour Next Year

We’ve seen a few dead artists resurrected with hologram technology, but no one’s been exploited to the very fullest yet. Until now. Whitney Houston is launching a virtual tour next year. There’s no word yet on any dates, but they’ll kick it off with a show at a “major U.S. venue” that’ll stream live at Whitney’s sister-in-law Pat Houston issued a statement saying, quote, “It’s a great opportunity for her fans to see a reinvention of one of the most celebrated female artists in history and to continue a legacy of performances that will not be forgotten in years to come.” Get more here.

Bristol Palin’s Stalker Sent His Belongings to Her Home

A deranged man  believes that he’s Bristol Palin’s son’s father and wants to be with her. The stalker, Michael Cummings, had a box and suitcase delivered to the P.O. box for Todd and Sarah Palin’s Wasilla home, packed with his belongings. He’s been stalking Bristol for a long time, he once sent her an engagement ring, he’s showed up at birthday parties and even left a knife in her mailbox. She got protective orders in the past, but they’ve all expired.
So Bristol went back to court and got another one, ordering him to stay 1,000 feet clear of her and her family. It’s unlikely that he’ll obey stay away orders, as he’s ignored them in the past. But it’s the best Bristol can do, and at least if he violates it the cops will arrest him. Get more here.



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