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Nick Jonas Threw an Elevator Party In Vegas

Nick Jonas was in Vegas for the iHeart Radio Music Festival, when he decided he wanted to throw a party… in the elevator… of the MGM Grande. It’s pretty clever way to promote his new single “Levels” (Get it? Elevator… Levels! Ha!) The MGM Grand obliged, and Nicks crew set up cameras to catch all the craziness.  He even arranged for some serious surprise guests! Tove Lo, Pete Wentz, The Vamps and Shawn Mendes all showed up to rock out with Nick. The lucky party attendees had a blast, watch the footage! Get more here.

“Men in Black” is Moving Ahead Without Will Smith

If you’re a “Men in Black” fan, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that more movies are on the way. The bad news is, Will Smith probably won’t be in them. It’s not clear if anyone will be back, because the producers are using the dreaded “R” word… reboot. And they’re planning a new trilogy. There have been rumors of a cross-over between the “Men in Black” and “Jump Street” franchises, but they didn’t say anything about that this time. You might want a flashy thingy after this reboot. Get more here.



‘Ghost Adventures’ Couple Found Dead

Mark & Debbie Constantino, a couple featured in the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures have been found dead. It started when a woman arrived at a home to find her male roommate dead inside, and her other roommate, Debbie Constantino, missing. Officers tracked her cellphone and found her inside her daughter’s apartment with her estranged husband. SWAT teams surrounded the apartments, evacuated the complex, and put it on lockdown. Upon arriving at the apartment, officers knocked on the door and heard several shots fired. Mark Constantino told police “give me 15 minutes to gather my thoughts or I’ll kill her.” Officers tried negotiating with the man, but eventually used explosives to blow the door open and found the couple dead inside. The couple had a long history of domestic violence, and Mark Constantino had allegedly kidnapped Debbie Constantino a few months ago. Get more here.


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