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Justin Bieber Thinks One Direction Chose the Same Release Date as Him to Capitalize on His Buzz

Justin Bieber’s new album is called “Purpose” and it’s coming out on November 13th. The title was just revealed, but he claimed the release date a long time ago. One Direction’s new album “Made in the A.M.” is also coming out that day, and Justin thinks they chose it on purpose, to capitalize on his buzz.He said, quote, “We’re talking about them right now, so it gives them some promo, right? So, that’s probably why they did it . . . I think it was strategy on their part because my release date was first . . . But whatever, I’m excited to see what happens.” Get more here.

Ronda Rousey is The First Woman On The Cover of Men’s Fitness

Ronda is gracing the cover of Australian Men’s Fitness, and she’s the first woman to ever do so. The issue is the “Hardcore Fight” Special issue, says “Think you’re tough? How Ronda Rousey Will Make You Tougher” Reactions have been mixed, with some people upset about a woman on a man’s magazine… but the response overall has been a good one. All those guys making negative comments certainly wouldn’t step into the cage with her… Get more here.

Thank you @mensfitnessau for making me the first woman on your cover!! 💪😁🌏 #UFCMelbourne

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Gary Busey was Eliminated From DWTS Last Night, Rambled Endlessly

Gary Busey was eliminated on last night’s Dancing With The Stars, but he didn’t leave.  He refused to end his rambling goodbye speech and snapped at guest host Alfonso Ribeiro for trying to stop him. ‘I’m not finished’ Gary stated before imploring Alfonso to stop. He also said that he wasn’t really leaving the show.’Because my spirit with Anna will remain in this room throughout the show. So you won’t see us dancing, but we’ll be there,’ Get more here.

Will Smith Is Touring with DJ Jazzy Jeff Next Year and Will Do Another “Bad Boys” Movie

Will Smith just turned 47 a couple weeks ago, and maybe he’s going through a mid-life crisis, because he just announced several projects that are things he would’ve done 20 years ago. In a new interview, Will said he’s returning to music, and has already recorded around 30 new tracks. He has six or seven that he really likes. He’s working with a bunch of different collaborators, but didn’t name any names. Speaking of collaborators, he also said that he’s touring next summer with his old partner DJ Jazzy Jeff. There are no dates yet, but he said it’ll be “extensive.” He doesn’t plan on taking a break from Hollywood though. He’s currently filming “Suicide Squad” and he also announced that he has a third “Bad Boys” movie in the pipeline. Get more here.

Carrie Fisher’s ‘Slave Leia’ Bikini has Sold at Auction for $96,000

Carrie Fisher wore the now infamous metal bikini in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. Bidding opened Thursday at $80,000 for the costume, which included the collar, several chain links, and a letter of authenticity from Industrial Light and Magic designer Richard Miller. Despite this high sale, the record-setter of the auction was a miniature model of Leia’s “Blockade Runner.” The spaceship is the first craft seen in the Star Wars franchise and was sold for $450,000, having opened at $200,000. This broke the record for highest-selling Star Wars artifact in an auction. Get more here.


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Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Weren’t Invited to Their Daughter’s Wedding

Isabella Cruise, the 22-year-old adopted daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, got married in London on September 18th. But Tom and Nicole weren’t there. There were reports that Tom skipped the wedding because the groom-to-be isn’t a Scientologist, and he doesn’t approve. But that’s not the case. In fact, Isabella and her then-boyfriend Max spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas with Tom. They just wanted it to be a small event with a few friends and NO parents. TMZ says Tom was cool with that, and even paid for the wedding and a party at a fancy hotel. Get more here.



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