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Ronda Rousey is No Longer a Belieber, Because He Was a Jerk to Her Sister

Justin Bieber has lost a fan, and it’s someone whose bad side you really don’t want to be on: UFC champ Ronda Rousey. Ronda was at the Cannes Film Festival with her 16-year-old sister, when they saw Justin posing for pictures with people. Ronda’s sister got excited, and wanted in on that action. So Ronda approached him. But before she could even ask, Justin told her, quote, “I’ve already taken a billion pictures today, okay?” Ronda said, “Yeah, but . . .” and Justin butted in, saying, quote, “A billion.” And that was it. Ronda’s sister was on the verge of tears, and denounced her beliebership right on the spot. So now Ronda says, quote, “I don’t think I’d wanna hang out with him. I’m not a Belieber. I was, but I’m not anymore.”

A Photographer Caught Justin Bieber Naked

The paparazzi caught Justin Bieber completely nude during a vacation in Bora Bora. He was there with a British model named Jayde Pierce, who’s supposedly his girlfriend. And she had the decency to wear a robe, seeing as how they were outside their bungalow. The Internet is making a huge deal out of how well-endowed Justin appears to be. Get more here.


Beyonce’s Dad is Running an Entertainment “Boot Camp” for $299

Mathew Knowles wants to make you famous! For the low, low rate of $199-$299, the program is a one day boot camp for industry “hopefuls”. He’s hoping to bring in aspiring singers, dancers, composers, writers, producers, managers, publicists, attorneys, and etc. Basically anyone who is willing to fork out that much cash. Oh, and you’ll get a photo op with Mathew, so there’s that. Get more here.


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