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A Bunch of Artists Sing on a Charity Single Called “Boob Spelled Backwards Is Boob”

Florence Welch, Hozier, the Grateful Dead and more artists teamed up for a new charity single for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s called “Boob Spelled Backwards Is Boob”. It was written by an eight-year-old boy whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Here are Florence Welch, Jeff Campbell, and Megan Slankard singing the first part, and the chorus is Graham Nash, Hozier, Bleachers, and Milky Chance. Get more here.

Lil’ Bub, the Internet Cat is Releasing a Concept Album

The owners of a famous cat named Lil Bub announced she’s releasing a concept album. Some of the audio was released online yesterday, and there’s no meowing or anything in it. So it’s basically just music inspired by Lil Bub, Even though they joke that the cat really IS behind all the music. Lil Bub became an internet meme, mainly because she was the runt of the litter and has some medical issues that give her a distinctive look. Get more here.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is Suing A Company for Defamation

Farrah Abraham was working with a company that sells DNA necklaces called ZTPR. Yes, it’s a necklace that has a little vile of her DNA. As creepy as that might sound, at least the proceeds to go to charity. Well, turns out not a lot of folks are interested in wearing a teen mom/naugty film star’s DNA around their necks. They jewelry wasn’t selling, and ZTPR sent her a letter saying she was fired because she was more interested in promoting herself than the jewelry. TMZ got a hold of this letter somehow and published it. Now Farrah is suing ZTPR for defamation of character, asking for $20,000. Get more here.

Joe Jonas Released a New Song with His New Band DNCE

William Shatner Sang About Reality Vs. His Acting Persona

William Shatner addressed the issue of reality vs. his TV and movie persona in the song “Real”, which is on his brilliant album “Has Been”. It also features Brad Paisley. Get more here.

The Houston Astros Now Have Their Own Rap Song

The Houston Astros are in the playoffs, and a rapper from the area named Bun B recorded a hype song for them. It’s called “Crush City Astros Song”. But it’s just “Rack City” by Tyga with different lyrics. Get more here.

Talkin’ down, we don’t listen to what you say,
We keep it 200 like the hits from Altuve.
H-Town, you don’t want it down here,
We’ve got Carlos Correa, he’s the rookie of the year.
With Keuchel on the mound backed up by Tony Sipp
Not to mention Evan Gattis and Conger, don’t trip.
With Rasmus, Gomez and Springer on deck,
Chris Carter and Luis Valbuena is gonna rip.
So show us some respect, we came to lay the muscle down.
Turn it up in Club Astros, for Hustle Town.



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