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The Grammy Nominees: Beyonce, Pharrell, and Sam Smith Lead with Six Nominations Apiece

This year’s Grammy nominees were announced on Friday, and after the dust settled, Beyonce, Pharrell, and Sam Smith had the most with six nominations apiece.  Elsewhere, Miley Cyrus scored her first ever nomination, and Joan Rivers got a nomination for Best Spoken Word album.  CBS will air the “Grammys” live on February 8th. Get the full details here.

Chris Martin Says Coldplay’s Next Album May Be Their Last

Coldplay has started working on their seventh album, and apparently, there’s a good chance it’s their last. Chris Martin says, quote, “Not to say that there might not be another thing one day, but this is the completion of something.  I have to think of it as the final thing we’re doing.” Get the full story here.

Mark Wahlberg Is Seeking a Pardon for his Past Crimes

The 43-year old rapper turned actor wants to a clea slate so he can become a reserve Police officer. Wahlberg has filed legal docs in Boston with the Massachusetts Parole Board, asking to expunge his 1988 felony assault conviction. The actor beat two men and left one partially blind. Mark is still a felon, he’s not eligible to become a reserve officer because felons can’t handle guns. Get the full story here.

Mariah Carey Thinks the Sound Techs Deliberately Leaked Her Terrible Vocal Track

Within hours of the broadcast, an isolated vocal track hit the Internet, that could have been leaked by one of the sound techs working on the show. “She believes they did it to punish her for not showing up to taping the day before the live event.”  Mariah was supposed to tape the performance the night before but she was three hours late, so they gave up and decided to do it live instead. Get the full story here.

Chris Brown & Karrueche Broke Up

Chris Brown announced he was newly single Friday night in L.A. during a concert. Halfway through Brown’s set the singer asked the crowd if there were any single women in the house. After a brief pause, you hear Chris say, “I’m single too!” Then he said of his now ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, saying, “F*** that b****!” Get the full story here.

Lady Gaga Handed Full Control of her 6 Acre Malibu Estate

Lady Gaga must trust her dad, because she has relinquished full control over her first home an insane $24 MIL estate in Malibu. Joseph Germanotta now has power of attorney over the 6-acre estate. Gaga went on Howard Stern recently and explained she runs her financial transactions past her dad for 2 reasons, she trusts him more than anyone else, and he doesn’t charge her for advice. Get the full story here.

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