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Katy Perry Celebrated Her 31st Birthday at Olive Garden

She’s rich and famous, recognized world wide. If she wanted to, she could have dinner in the best restaurant in Italy on a whim. But that’s not how Katy Perry rolls, the pop star recently celebrated her 31st birthday at Olive Garden. Yes, Olive Garden, the same place you thought was so fancy when you were a kid. The home of unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks! After all, Katy’s a pretty down to earth girl… Get more here.

Adele Has Broken Taylor Swift’s YouTube Record

Adele’s last album was huge, and it looks like she’s going to pick up where she left off. Her video for “Hello” piled up 27.7 million views on YouTube in its first 24 hours. That’s a new record. Taylor Swift had the previous record. Her “Bad Blood” video was watched 20.1 million times in its first day. YouTube says “Hello” was averaging 1.6 million views an hour for a while on that day, and it has now surpassed 106 million views. Congrats, and welcome back Adele! Get more here

Listen to Beyoncé Sing A Tribute To Nicki Minaj

Beyoncé paid tribute to Nicki Minaj in a brief play on Prince’s “Darling Nikki”. She changed the lyrics to say, quote, “I met a girl named Nicki, I guess you can say she was the rap queen . . . “I met her in the studio lobby, but her booty looked bigger in the magazines. “She said, ‘Bey, could you jump on a song of mine?’ “How could I resist, when I heard little Nicki rhyme.”

They also shared an adorable clip of the two of them rehearsing for a Tidal performance.  They see who can give each other “ice grill” the longest, seeing who cracked first. Check it out, get more here

Halle Berry Filed for Divorce from Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez are splitting up after two years of marriage. Halle filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. They had a prenup, so there shouldn’t be a fight over money. Although we should note that Olivier filed his own petition asking that spousal support be determined at a later date. Maybe that’s just a procedural thing? As for custody of their 2-year-old son Maceo, Halle is just asking for whatever is, quote, “in the best interest of the child.” So again, it doesn’t sound like this is going to be a nasty divorce. Which is funny, because it sounds like part of the problem was Olivier’s temper. Back in 2012, he beat Halle’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry black and blue outside her house over Thanksgiving. Gabriel and Halle had been fighting over custody of their daughter Nahla. Earlier this year, Olivier pushed an LAX employee to the ground with Maceo’s car seat, because the guy was taking video of the family with his cell phone. That man is now suing Halle and Olivier, and sources say it caused a lot of tension between them. Another source told “People”, quote, “He has a violent temper . . . he has an out of control hair-trigger temper.” Another problem was Halle’s custody agreement with Aubry over Nahla, which prevented Halle and Olivier from living in Europe like they wanted to. Olivier hated L.A., and that caused problems, too. There were rumors back in July that Halle and Olivier were separated and headed for divorce. Looks like they were true. Get more here.

Tim Tebow May Take an Endorsement Deal for Inspirational Socks

Inspyr Socks contacted the former NFL star, in the hopes that he’d be interested in representing their sock line and they’re offering up six figures. The company praised Tim saying they respected the way “[you] handled yourself in the face of so much adversity and pressure.” Tim hasn’t accepted the deal yet, but he totally should! Get more here.

Lark Voorhies’ Ex-Husband May Have Filmed Her Without Her Knowledge

This would have been more exciting news to share 10 years ago, but now it’s just disturbing and borderline criminal. You might soon be seeing a sex tape involving Lark Voorhies from “Saved by the Bell”. Her estranged husband Jimmy Green says he has a homemade sex video of the two of them, and he’s looking to sell it to the highest bidder. He also claims she was in on the plan from the get-go. But Lark told TMZ she has no idea about the video, and if it exists, he made it without her knowledge. Lark filed for divorce from Jimmy last week, after just six months of marriage. Get more here.


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