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Justin Bieber is Crashing Random Lyft Rides

Are you a regular Lyft user? If so, Justin Bieber might just join you on your ride. he’s doing a promotion with Lyft and surprising unsuspecting Lyft users. Justin had already hitched a ride in a few Lyfts, they posted a video of some folks who needed a ride, and  found themselves getting a ride with the Biebs himself. The group rocked out to Bibers new album Purpose. From Nov. 9 until to Nov. 19, Lyft users who unlock “Bieber Mode” might just catch a ride with Justin! Get more here.

Shia LaBeouf is Watching All of His Movies and Streaming His Reactions Live

Shia LeBeouf is in the middle of another one of his little art projects. He’s watching all of his movies, and streaming his reactions live. He started yesterday at noon, at the Angelika Film Center in New York City. He’s calling it “All My Movies”, and he’s watching them in reverse chronological order, non-stop. So he started with a movie from this year called “Man Down”. We were assuming it would end somewhere around “Holes” or “The Even Stevens Movie”, but some guy posted a screening schedule that shows the last movie on the list is a 1998 TV movie called “Breakfast with Einstein”. It’s supposed to take him three days, with a 5-minute break in between movies. And if you’re in New York you can watch with him. Admission to the theater is free.  He’s also got a camera pointed at his face, and he’s streaming it live the entire time. Just got to Get more here.

LeBron Is Wearing Shorter Shorts to Set a Positive Example for Kids

The look among NBA players has gotten a lot baggier in recent years. But this season, LeBron James is changing things up and going with a more fitted look, with shorter shorts. And it’s because he wants to set a positive example for kids. The “Cleveland Plain Dealer” reports that he hiked up his shorts by a couple inches and had his jersey made snugger because he wants to, quote, “place a renewed emphasis on professional appearance.” And he usually wears a sport coat when he arrives to games, as a way of, quote, “reaffirming that it’s a business atmosphere.” Not to take anything away from this, but LeBron’s ‘short shorts’ are nowhere near John Stockton levels, so he isn’t showing off as much leg as they did back in the ’80s. And he’s also wearing longer spandex under them. Get more here.


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