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Ryan Seacrest Says All the Past Judges Will Return to “American Idol” This Season

As everyone knows, this is “American Idol’s” final season. And to celebrate, they might be bringing back every single judge who’s ever called someone “pitchy” or said, “You’re what this competition is all about!” Ryan Seacrest told E! News that plans are in the works to bring them all back to make some sort of appearance before the show goes dark. Those judges are: Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Ellen DeGeneres, Steven Tyler, Kara DioGuardi, and the eternally at-war Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. There’s no word what any of them will do. Since nobody watches the show anymore, we should probably remind people that the current judges are Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. Get more here.

Adele Won’t Stream Her New Album

Adele’s new album “25” comes out today, and if you want to hear it, you’re going to have to buy it. Because she’s not putting it on streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. Adele was already going to sell several bajillion copies of “25”, and this will only help. Although it’s not necessarily just a financial decision. Sources say Adele is on board with Taylor Swift’s opinion that streaming services don’t pay artists enough. Spotify is taking it in stride though. They released a statement saying, quote, “We love and respect Adele, as do her 24 million fans on Spotify. We hope that she will give those fans the opportunity to enjoy ’25’ on Spotify alongside ’19’ and ’21’ very soon.” Get more here.

Harrison Ford Surprised Star Wars Fans Via Video Chat

Harrison Ford recently surprised fans by popping into the frame during a Skype call, the fans had all donated to the Star Wars: Force for Change charity. The donors thought the video call would be with the campaign organizers at Omaze; But at random points during the chats, Harrison would show up. It’s all pretty fantastic, and for a great cause. Get more here.

Snoop Dogg Caught Giving Out Turkeys to Needy People

Snoop is no stranger to hard times, and he’s donated millions to various charities over his career. But this time he was caught in the act, passing out turkeys to the needy. Snoop and Inglewood, CA Mayor James Butts teamed up to make sure everyone had a turkey this Thanksgiving. Get more here.

Nicolas Cage Took a Picture with a Guy to Help Him Find His Missing Stepdaughter

A man snuck onto the set of Nicolas Cage’s upcoming movie “Dog Eat Dog” in Cleveland on Wednesday, but he wasn’t looking for trouble. His 15-year-old stepdaughter went missing over a week ago, on November 8th, and he thought that if he could get Cage to take a picture with her “missing” poster, it might help them get information on her whereabouts. And Nic obliged, because he’s a good guy. Get more here.

Kim & Kanye Are Selling a Mansion They Never Lived in For a $10 Million Profit

When Kim & Kanye purchased the $10 Million dollar Bel Air mansion, it needed extensive renovations. They moved in with Kris while the renovations were being made, and then they changed their minds. So as the renovations finish up, the sprawling property will be on the market for more than $20 million. Of course, we don’t know how much money they put into the renovations, but it’s safe to say that’s some high profit flipping. Get more here.


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