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Sony Bans Media from the Premiere of “The Interview”

Sony Pictures is shutting down all interviews with Seth Rogen and James Franco at the Hollywood premiere of “The Interview”, in the wake of repeated cyber attacks. Sony says it’s banning all broadcast media from Thursday night’s red carpet for the event and print reporters will not be allowed to interview any of the cast and crew from the controversial movie about assassinating Kim Jong Un. Watch the preview below and get the full story here.

Amy Schumer Will Host 2015 MTV Movie Awards!

Stephen Friedman, president of MTV, made the announcement, saying: “Wickedly funny and sharply insightful, Amy Schumer is perhaps the most ascendant talent in comedy today, and she’s on the brink of an epic year. We are thrilled to work with Amy to create an unpredictable and hilarious showcase for Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and brightest stars in what promises to be the most combustible Movie Awards ever.” Amy said: “I am honored to be hosting the awards, I will carry the audience with me like a teen mom #breaktheinternet #breakmywater.” Get the full story here.

Whoopi Goldberg Passed Gas on “The View” After Eating a Breakfast Burrito

Yesterday on “The View”, the guest host ASHANTI and the rest of the ladies were having a riveting discussion on flu shots, when Whoopi passed gas. It was so obvious that she jumped out of her seat and said, quote, “Excuse me!  Hold on for a minute I feel SO much better now.”  Then Rosie O’Donnell came over and helped fan the smell, and blamed breakfast burritos. Unfortunately they covered up the sound on the broadcast with a sound effect of an explosion and some crackling, they even inserted a little graphic on the screen that said “Hot Topic”, which was the name of the segment. Get the full story here.

There’s Now a Date for David Letterman’s Last Day on “The Late Show”

David Letterman’s last episode of “The Late Show” will air on May 20th.  According to CBS, when he retires he will have hosted 6,028 episodes of “Late Night” and “The Late Show”, across 32 years. There’s no word when Stephen Colbert is taking over, but it could be soon afterward.  “The Colbert Report” is ending next Thursday, December 18th. Get the full story here.

Zooey Deschanel is Being Sued Over a Horse

A woman who claims the actress rode the animal so damn hard, she broke him, Zooey allegedly “leased” a show horse to ride for $13k back in 2013, signed a contract promising not to overwork the stallion, Literati, with restrictions that included “no more than 3 jumping lessons per week.” But according to the woman, when Deschanel returned the horse it was a shell of its former self “injured and unusable.” She claims it’s on Zooey to foot the massive veterinary bills. Get the full story here.

David Arquette Shows Off New Gold Teeth at the Club

The 43-year-old actor stepped out at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood, Calif., Tuesday night where he was happy to show off his new golden grills. With a giant smile on his face, Courteney Cox’s ex-husband tried to explain his new bling that simply couldn’t be ignored. “David said he was tired of his chipped teeth, so he got gold caps,” an eyewitness told E! News. “He was really happy and acting silly.” Arquette was having so much fun that he didn’t stop celebrating until 2:30 a.m. Get the full story here.


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