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Kim and Kanye West Have a Son

Kim Kardashian West & Kanye West have graced the world with more of their DNA. Kim gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Saturday morning. She announced it on her website with the message, “Mother and son are doing well.” It was about three weeks before her due date, the ‘Son of Yeezus’ was originally due on Christmas Day. She was ready though. She posted a photo on Friday night of her stomach with the caption, “Ready whenever you are.” And a source told “People” magazine that it was a natural birth, not a C-section. They haven’t revealed a name yet, which isn’t a huge surprise. At least one source says it’s because they haven’t picked one yet. They took almost a week before they settled on the name North for their daughter in 2013. So stay tuned. There’s been a push online to name him Easton, so his full name would sound like “East and West.” But Kim has said that Kanye didn’t like the idea. And they’re also steering clear of the name “South”. She did reportedly reveal his middle name to people at the hospital though. It’ll be “Robert” in honor of her dad, O.J. lawyer Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003. Get more here.

Here’s Kim on Ellen, joking about names:

Carrie Fisher Brought Her Dog Along for an Odd Interview on “GMA”

Carrie Fisher did a pretty entertaining interview with “Good Morning America” on Friday. Apparently she’s hit a comfort zone with her “Star Wars” press tour. Plus she’s a little nutty, which we already knew. She brought her French bulldog Gary along, and had him sit next to her the whole time. His tongue permanently sticks out to one side, and she joked that she brought him with her because it matched the pink sweater she had on. She also said it’s been that way ever since he saw “The Force Awakens”, because it’s that good of a movie. When the interviewer, Amy Robach, asked if it took some convincing to play Princess Leia again, she said no, because when you’re a woman over 40 in Hollywood, you’ll take anything. She also talked about losing weight for the movie, and called it a “stupid conversation.” But she said she was fine talking about it with Amy because she’s “so thin” and then she started interviewing her about her workout routine.She also made fun of Amy for looking so young at 42, and told her to congratulate her parents, because they, quote, “mated well.” Get more here.

Robert Loggia from “Big”, “Scarface”, and “Jagged Edge” Has Died

Actor Robert Loggia passed away on Friday at the age of 85. He died of complications from Alzheimer’s, which he was first diagnosed with back in 2010. He was Mr. MacMillan in “Big”, the guy who played “Chopsticks” on the giant piano in FAO Schwarz with Tom Hanks. He also played drug dealer Frank Lopez in “Scarface”, and Eduardo Prizzi in “Prizzi’s Honor”. He was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar in the ’80s for his role as detective Sam Ransom in “Jagged Edge”, and he also was in a few episodes of “The Sopranos” as mobster Feech La Manna. Here’s the piano clip from “Big.”  He also made an amusing cameo on “Family Guy”and did an awesome Minute Maid commercial back in the ’90s Get more here.



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