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Ed Sheeran Busted an Eardrum Jumping off a Yacht

Ed Sheeran will undergo surgery next month to repair a broken eardrum. How did he break it? Jumping off a yacht. He says, quote, “I landed wrong and it burst my eardrum so I have to go and get a graft, which means I’m not allowed to fly for a while, so it’s kind of good, it means I have to stay at home.” He actually didn’t know he’d ruptured it until he went back in the water: Quote, “It’s the most painful thing having a hole in your eardrum and having water go in.” Despite the injury, Ed is finishing up his Australian tour. His last show is tomorrow. On Wednesday in Sydney, he brought Elton John onstage for “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”. Get more here.

The Golden Globe Nominees Came Out

When Dennis Quaid was announcing the Golden Globe nominees for Best Actress in a Drama, he totally botched Saoirse Ronan’s first name. (It’s pronounced ‘Sersha.’) He pronounced it “Sheesha.” She says she sometimes introduces herself as “Ser-sha like inertia.” Although with her Irish accent, she says it a little more like “Sayre-sha.”

America Ferrara from “Ugly Betty” was one of the presenters announcing the Golden Globe nominations. But their official Twitter account kept calling her Gina Rodriguez. They changed the captions later. Gina was nominated too, for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for “Jane the Virgin”. And as for the mistake, she said, quote, “Who cares?”

Patrick Stewart was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his Starz show, “Blunt Talk”. And he celebrated by posting a photo celebrating on a beach in Jamaica . . . shirtless, holding a cocktail, and rocking some nice biceps. He’s 75.

Regina King got a nomination for “American Crime”, and when she was talking to “Good Morning America” about it, she let an S-word slip. She caught herself, but it was too late. 

Kim & Kanye Are Donating 1000 Pairs of Shoes

Kim was just feeding Saint and watching some TV when she saw a story about a teen girl trying to get 1000 pairs of shoes to donate to Souls for Souls. The charity helped out her and her family during Katrina. The story really touched Kim’s heart and she reached out to the girl. Get more here.

Listen to Michelle Obama Rap

If you’ve never heard a first lady rap before, today is your lucky day. Michelle Obama recorded a jam with Jay Pharoah from “Saturday Night Live”. But it was all for a good cause, and it had nothing to do with eating your vegetables. The video is called “Go to College”, and it’s meant to encourage kids to . . . well, you know. Michelle’s rhymes include: “Southside Chicago, we all know we had to do / Overtime every night to make it tomorrow . . . And everyone could really make their dream true / Hey kid listenin’ in Michigan, that could be you.” Get more here.


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