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Lindsay Lohan Spat in Someone’s Face, and Made Racist Comments to a Bartender

A New York bartender claims Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali were asked to leave his bar on Friday night after they came in, didn’t order a drink, and spent 20 minutes in the bathroom, while refusing to come out. Lindsay got heated, and made a series of racist remarks to the bartender, including, quote, “This is New York. You’re not from around here.” Then she kept asking him if he was from Ghana in a mock African accent. When another customer tried to cool her down, she spat in his face. She eventually left, but then pounded on the window, and pressed her face against the glass. Obviously, she probably wasn’t sober. Lindsay hasn’t commented. Get more here.

Harry Styles is Getting Voice Lessons Before Launching His Solo Career

With One Direction going on hiatus, all the guys are going to be launching solo careers. And Harry Styles is preparing for his by getting voice lessons. He hired a vocal coach who’s worked with Adele and Alicia Keys, among others. A source says, quote, “It’s pretty standard practice. He’s smart enough to realize he needs to learn more about how best to develop his vocal skills. He’s grounded and professional enough to know he needs to work hard to achieve the success he wants as a solo artist.” Get more here.

Lamar Odom Won’t Face Charges

Lamar Odom will not face drug charges for the overdose that almost killed him in a Nevada brothel. A spokesperson from the Nye County District Attorney told E! News “evidence showed Mr. Odom had metabolized cocaine in his system while he was present in Nye County in October of 2015, he was not found in the possession of cocaine and it is unlikely it could established beyond a reasonable doubt he actually ingested, or was impaired by, the drug during the time he was within the jurisdiction of Nye County.” Get more here.

Lana Del Rey’s Stalker Sentenced to 84 Days in Jail

A stalker who broke into the home of Lana Del Rey has been sentenced to 84 days in jail. Zachary Self broke into Lana’s home, left love notes, and fell asleep in her garage. He was found by construction workers there to make some repairs. Zach ran, but was easily found because of the disturbing notes he left, he told police he became obsessed with Lana while under the influence of hallucinogens. In addition to his jail sentence he will also be on probation for five years and has to spend a year in a residential program. He was also ordered to stay away from Lana for 10 years. Get more here.

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