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A Settle Man Got Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s Old Number

A Seattle man named Jonathan Nichols got a new cellphone in 2012, and Verizon gave him a number that was once used by Seattle hip-hop Legend Sir Mix-A-Lot. And there’s a reason he knows about it. He’s received countless calls and texts intended for Mix. Initially, it was car dealerships, and music that people wanted him to hear, but it wasn’t long before he started getting tons of photos of women in bikinis and stuff. Some of them were just sexy, and others were raunchy. He figured out what was happening on August 12th, Sir Mix-a-Lot’s birthday, when his phone was blowing up. When a reporter contacted Mix to tell him about this guy, he said, quote, “Are you serious? That is hilarious. Poor fella.” Get more here.

Brendan Dassy’s Brother Wrote a “Making a Murderer” Rap

Brendan Dassey is now getting a strong defense in the form of a rap about the “Making a Murderer” case, written by his brother Brad Dassey. Brad’s a Christian rapper and he was pretty angry about Brendan and Steven Avery’s prosecution while watching the show. The song is called “They Didn’t Do It” Brad says he worked on it for 10 straight hours. He was planning to go to Green Bay Correctional Facility to play the song for Brendan, but since the prison doesn’t allow smartphones. Get more here.

Khloe Kardashian Got Stranded in Vegas

A plane carrying Khloe Kardashian from L.A. to New York had to make an emergency landing in Las Vegas due to an electrical smell in the cockpit, they quickly diverted to Las Vegas. There were no injuries but Khloe was stuck in a celebrity-only jam;  She was stuck in Las Vegas without her security team. She had to book it to the first class lounge to avoid getting swarmed in the airport. She was on her way to the NYC to promote her upcoming show Kocktails With Khloe, which premieres January 20th on the FYI network. Get more here.

Charlie Sheen Is Back on His HIV Medicine After Briefly Seeing a Quack in Mexco

Part Two of Charlie Sheen’s interview with Dr. Oz aired yesterday, and it got a little weird. In a pre-taped segment, he revealed that he’d been off his HIV meds for about a week. He said, quote, “Am I risking my life? Sure. So what? I was born dead. So that part of it doesn’t faze me at all. I told my mom on Day One that the disease picked the wrong guy.” He stopped taking the anti-retroviral drugs because he wanted to check out an alternative therapy from a really strange doctor in Mexico, who’s not licensed in the U.S. And that didn’t work out too well for him. But in his sit-down with Dr. Oz, he said that he’d just received word that his HIV levels became detectable again. So he’s back to doing things the traditional way. His rep says, quote, “Charlie is back on his meds. He tried a cure from a doctor in Mexico but the minute the numbers went up, he started taking his medicine.” Get more & see the video clip here.

Taye Diggs Called a Professional Snuggler But Wanted More than Snuggling

Sometimes a massage parlor really is just a massage parlor. And sometimes a professional snuggler is just there to snuggle. Tay Diggs found that out in September. According to Radar Online, Taye was at a New York restaurant and just happened to meet a 26-year-old woman named Lisa, who works for an online company called The Snuggle Buddies. Two days later at about 7 in the morning he texted her to request her “services”. He told her, quote, “Discretion is a must.” When she got there, he told her he was on molly, and he was under the impression they were going to have sex. She says, quote, “I’d assumed he knew the rules of snuggling. It’s a completely non-sexual thing.” But she did let Taye kiss her because he’s beautiful, of course, and then took off her bra because he wanted to see her breasts. Then he got naked and pleasured himself. Lisa stayed for about four hours, but says everything else was platonic. She says she went to the press because she found out after the fact that Taye has a girlfriend, and that’s not cool. Taye has been dating a model named Amanza Smith Brown since 2014. Get more here.

Mama June’s 16-Year-Old Daughter “Pumpkin” is Engaged

Mama June told TMZ yesterday that her 16-year-old daughter Pumpkin is engaged to her boyfriend Joshua Efird. He proposed just days before Christmas, during a romantic dinner at a seafood restaurant. The couple has only been dating for 9 months. June approves of 19-year-old Joshua, because they say they’re saving themselves for marriage. The legal age of consent is 16 in Georgia, but the pair says they’re going to wait until Pumpkin is 18 to get married. Get more here.


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