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Grandma is Unimpressed with Her New Pair of Yeezys

Kanye’s Yeezys may have won shoe of the year, but not everyone is impressed. YouTubers 3GoldenSistersTV, posted a video of ‘Grandma’ opening a fresh pair Yeezy Boost 350’s.  ‘They’re very clumsy and stupid-looking,’ she says, pulling out a shoe. Then she discovers the price, and freaks out. We’re anxiously awaiting Kanye’s response. Watch it for yourself:

The Critics’ Choice Awards Recap

Yet another awards show was on last night, this time you missed the Critics’s Choice Awards. Mad Max: Fury Road was the big winner of the night taking home 9 awards. The Big Short” won three awards, for adapted screenplay, Christian Bale for Best Actor in a Comedy, and the film itself for Best Comedy. Leonardo DiCaprio won Best Actor for “The Revenant, let’s hope he can carry that win to the Oscars. Sylvester Stallone won Best Supporting Actor for “Creed.” Aziz Ansari‘s “Master of None” took home best Best Comedy in the TV category. Amy Schumer won the Critics’ Choice MVP award for “Inside Amy Schumer” and “Trainwreck.” The highlight of the night was definitely 9-Year-Old Jacob Tremblay’s acceptance speech, he won Best Supporting Actor for “Room”. He says he knows where he’ll put the award, right next to his Millennium Falcon. Get more here.

Sean Penn Regrets that His El Chapo Interview Failed

Sean Penn went to a lot of trouble to interview El Chapo, but now he feels that the “Rolling Stone” article that resulted from it was a failure. On “60 Minutes” last night he said, quote, “I have a regret that the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose, which was to try to contribute to this discussion about the policy in the War on Drugs.” Penn also denied that his interview led the Mexican government to El Chapo: Quote, “We had met with him many weeks ago, on October 2nd. In a place nowhere near where he was captured.” And he believes the Mexican government is perpetuating that myth to put him in the crosshairs of the cartel. But he said he’s not fearful for his life. The “New York Times” posted a detailed account of El Chapo’s capture. And they do say the Mexican government tailed Penn. But another thing that led to his capture was an order of tacos. Get more here.

A Possibly Drunk Madonna Makes Fun of the Audience at a Concert in Louisville

There’s a video online that seems to show Madonna under the influence of something at a concert in Louisville, and making fun of Southerners. She started the show three hours late, and some people say she was hammered. She definitely sounds drunk in the video. She started talking about how she was “mixing” everything up, then talked about how everyone in the audience sounded “like a girl.” Warning: The link to the video contains uncensored profanity. Get more here.

Warning! Video contains uncensored profanity!

Kiefer Sutherland Got Drunk and Danced at a Strip Club

Kiefer Sutherland was having a night out at the famed LA strip club, Cheetahs, when he decided he had missed his calling. Kiefer exclaimed, “I can do that!” ripped his shirt off, jumped onstage with the female dancers and did a little dance of his own. The patrons were shocked, but definitely amused, and he racked up a lot of dollar bills. Then he jumped down, took a bow and declared the money would go to the girls. See pics and get more here.


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