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There’s a Online Game Where the Goal Is To Get Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar

“Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage” is an 8-bit game where you race down the red carpet, to catch an Oscar. You have to dodge paparazzi, icebergs, and try tp catch as many Golden Globes and Emmy’s as possible. Beware of competing actors! Matt Damon shows up, as well as Eddie Redmayne, and Bryan Cranston. But the big baddie in the game is Lady Gaga, when she shows up, she’ll actually start beating up Leo! You can unlock special scenes, including one from “The Wolf of Wall Street.” There are little games between the races, like help Leo write his acceptance speech, or act harder! The game was created by the Line Animation. Play the game here.

The Anti-Beyoncé Protest Drew a Crowd of Three People

The Anti-Beyoncé protest outside the NFL’s headquarters in New York City was a huge bust. Apparently, just three people showed up. For a while, it was just one guy, a middle-aged white guy wearing a New York Giants jacket and a newsboy cap. Then, another guy joined in. He told people he’s a volunteer for the Ted Cruz campaign, and he was upset because he thinks the song “Formation” is a call for violence against the police. The third protester was a woman from Seattle who showed up two hours late. She was wearing a hat that said police across the front. The Anti-Anti-Beyoncé counter protest was much more successful, with dozens of fans celebrating her, her music, and the Black Lives Matter campaign. Pro-Beyoncé people held signs saying things like “Why are people afraid of black pride?” and “Pro-Black is not anti-White.” The Ted Cruz Beyoncé protester had a sign too, but his was destroyed by the rain, because he didn’t have it laminated. So why didn’t more protesters come out? Maybe it was the rain, or that it was in the middle of a weekday. But some think it was a hoax, or that it was just created to fuel the fire, without any intention of really seeing it through. Get more here.

LL Cool J Found Out His Grandma Isn’t His Biological Grandmother on Finding Your Roots

In a sneak preview of tonight’s episode of Finding Your Roots, LL Cool J found out that the woman he’s known to be his grandmother is not biologically related to him. LL’s mom Ondrea Smith, had always had doubts about her relation to the woman who raised her. Using genetic testing the show confirmed that they aren’t related. Watch the show tonight at 6 on PBS. Get more here.

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