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Rihanna Handed the Mic to an Audience Member and He Blew Everyone Away

Rihanna was performing in Cincinnati this past weekend, when she broke out her hit with Paul McCartney & Kanye, “Four, Five Seconds.” She held out the mic to an audience member to sing a line. Little did she know, the guy had an amazing set of pipes! He rocked it, so much so that Rihanna couldn’t hide her surprise, watch!

Adele’s Private Photo’s Hacked and Leaked Online

Adele is the latest victim of hacking, this time the hackers got into her boyfriend Simon Konecki’s email. The photos were not nudes, but they were very personal family and baby photos. Including pregnancy pictures and scans, pics of her son, and other family moments. It’s especially devastating considering the lengths Adele has gone to to maintain her family’s privacy. The hacker then posted the photos to an Adele Super Fan Facebook group. But the members were furious that their idol was hacked and immediately alerted Adele’s people. Get more here.

Ben Affleck’s Back Tattoo is Fake

Ben Affleck’s giant back tattoo of a phoenix rising from the ashes has drawn criticism from his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez and his soon-to-be ex-wife Jennifer Garner. But they can both zip it, because it’s not even real. Ben told “Extra” that it’s for a movie. But he did own up to having some ink. Quote, “I actually do have a number of tattoos, but I try to have them in places where you don’t have to do a lot of cover up, they get sort of addictive after a while.” Ben was being interviewed with his “Batman v. Superman” co-star Henry Cavill, who revealed that he has no tattoos. Mario Lopez was doing the interview, and he doesn’t have any ink, either. Get more here.

Hulk Hogan Won $115 Million For His Sex Tape, And Might Get More

Hulk Hogan was awarded $115 million from Gawker for posting his sex tape. His lawyers issued a statement saying the verdict is, quote, “a statement as to the public’s disgust with the invasion of privacy disguised as journalism.” But those were just compensatory damages. This week, the jury will award punitive damages. TMZ says they could total up to three times the compensatory, which would be $345 million. That would give Hogan almost half a billion dollars. This doesn’t mean that Hulk will have hundreds of millions of dollars in his bank account any time soon, if at all. Gawker is going to appeal, so this will take time. And a higher court might reduce the damages. There are also legal fees, court costs, and taxes to consider. Still, Hogan will probably walk away with a serious chunk of change, even if it takes years for this thing to be resolved. It would probably be smarter for all parties involved to settle. Get more here.

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