Famous Filth

Madonna Posted Fake Signs So She Could Park Wherever She Wanted

Everyone knows that parking in NYC can be borderline impossible! But that’s only for regular people, not Madonna. Apparently her staff had fake “Tenant Parking Only” signs made up. They planted the signs in front of her expensive NYC apartment, painted the curb yellow, and even embossed “NO PARKING” in cement! A neighbor saw this going on and questioned the crew, but she wasn’t satisfied with their answer, which was “We know the right people.” So she went to the Dept. of Transportation, and they showed up and ordered the signs, paint, and concrete be removed immediately.

You Can Spend a Day on the Set of “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” with Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is giving away a chance to hang with him for a day on the set of “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2”. Well, he’s not giving it away. You have to pay for chances to win it. But it’s all for charity. You make donations of at least $10, the more you give, the more chances you get. And the money goes to the Boys and Girls Club in Pratt’s hometown of Lake Stevens, Washington. You can enter to win at Chris made a predictably goofy YouTube video to explain the whole thing. It includes a cameo by writer-director James Gunn. “Guardians 2” doesn’t hit theaters until May of next year. Get more here.

A Teenager Beat Up Katt Williams After Katt Sucker Punched Him

Katt Williams is in trouble again. This time for getting into a fight with a teenager, and losing. For some reason, Katt was in the Atlanta projects earlier this week, talking to kids and handing out money. Apparently one of the kids stepped up to him, so Katt hauled off and decked a teenager. So the kid took him down and put him in a rear naked choke. TMZ says the kid is in 7th grade. Another source says he’s 15. Technically, both could be true. According to the bio on his website, Katt is 44. Katt is currently out on bail for multiple assault charges, and authorities are deciding whether to revoke that bail and haul him in. Get more here.

No, Vince Vaughn Is Not Replacing Stephen Colbert

OK! falsely reported that CBS is dumping Stephen Colbert because Jimmy Fallon is consistently getting better ratings. The tabloid claims a source said: “Vince [Vaughn] is in the very small group of people considered should CBS decide to replace Stephen.” Actual sources close to Vaughn, is not in talks with CBS to replace Colbert. The network has no plans to search for a replacement host, and the tabloid’s rumor is simply “false.” Get more here.

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