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Sam Smith Does a Flawless Beyonce Cover…In the Shower

Sam Smith’s sneaky boyfriend, Jonathan Zeizel, snuck a video of Sam singing Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” in the shower and posted the clip to his Instagram page, writing, “Sam or Bey?” So cute!


sam or bey? @samsmithworld @therickilee

Un video pubblicato da Jongo (@kidjongo) in data:

Eddie Murphy Released Another Reggae Song

Eddie Murphy recorded a new song, and like “Red Light” . . . the song he put out in 2013 . . . it’s reggae.  The track is called “Oh Jah Jah”.  Eddie says it’s definitely legit, because, quote, “I know when I’ve done something that’s wack.  And I’m not putting out no track that’s wack.” Get the full story here.  

 There’s a website Devoted to Taylor Swifts armpits…

File this under:  You really CAN find anything online.  There’s a section of devoted solely to Taylor Swift’s armpits. For those of you with a more traditional fetish, there’s also a subreddit dedicated to Taylor’s butt . . . Get the full story here. tswiftpit

Sia apologizes after ‘Elastic Heart’ music video starring Shia LaBeouf draws ‘pedophile’ claims

Singer Sia has apologized for her latest music video showing a soiled underwear-clad Shia LaBeouf scuffling with a preteen girl in a cage. The Aussie singer spoke out Wednesday on Twitter after several viewers said the video for the song “Elastic Heart,” which hit Vevo on Wednesday, had overtones of child sex abuse, Rolling Stone reported. LaBeouf stars in the 5-minute video with actress and “Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler, who is 12. Get the full story here.


Miley Cyrus Was Robbed for the Third Time

Miley Cyrus was robbed last month . . . for the THIRD TIME in about a year.  On December 16th, somebody broke into Miley’s house and stole property belonging to both her and her brother . . . including Miley’s bank card. Police actually caught a guy, although he pleaded not guilty.  There’s no word if they got any of the stolen items back. Last June, two men broke into Miley’s house and stole her Maserati, jewelry and other items.  And in November of 2013, somebody busted in and stole $100,000 worth of jewelry and purses. Get the full story here.

Did Calvin Klein Photoshop Hair Onto Justin Bieber’s Body?

TMZ claims that Calvin Klein Photoshopped hair onto Justin Bieber’s body in his new underwear ads. As “proof”, they offered what’s supposedly an unretouched photo from the shoot.  It shows Justin with nothing but a minor treasure trail an inch or two below his belly button. Then they compared it to one of the photos Calvin Klein released as part of the ad campaign . . . where the area is loaded up with man fuzz. It’s entirely possible that Calvin Klein pulled out a razor and experimented with some different manscapes during their shoot.  Whatever the case, Mark Wahlberg’s wife would like you to know that HE did the Calvin Klein underwear thing better. Get the full story here.

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