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Charlie Sheen Was So Excited About the Green Bay Packers’ Win, He Kissed Another Male Packers Fan on the Lips

Charlie Sheen is apparently a huge Green Bay Packers fan, and we know this because he was so excited after their win against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday that he kissed another fan. The other fan was male, and Charlie kissed him on the lips.  Not surprisingly, this happened outside a bar. Charlie was in Green Bay for the game, and went to the bar afterwards to celebrate with some fans.  He bought shots and drinks for a bunch of people, and this guy may have been one of them. Get the full story here.



The Weeknd Was Arrested for Punching a Cop

The Weeknd was arrested Saturday night in Las Vegas, after he punched a cop in the head. His real name is Abel Tesfaye, and he was involved in a huge brawl at the Cromwell Hotel.  When police arrived to break it up, one of them took Abel into an elevator, where he clocked the officer in the side of the head. Abel was booked and released on bail.  He later posted a picture of himself heading toward a private jet, with the caption, “Escaped from Las Vegas.” Get the full story here.


escaped from Las Vegas

A photo posted by The Weeknd (@abelxo) on

Eminem Visited a Dying Fan . . . And Tried to Keep It Quiet

Eminem visited a dying fan on Sunday, and tried not to make a big deal out of it.  17-year-old Gage Garmo has a rare form of bone cancer, and was recently told he had one week to live. So his family started the hashtag, “#GetGageGarmoToMeetEminem”.  A charity made sure Eminem saw it, and he showed up at Gage’s house Sunday night to grant his dying wish. Sources say Eminem spent about an hour hanging out with Gage, but didn’t want the press to find out about it. Gage passed away the next day.  He lived about 20 minutes from Eminem in Michigan and would have turned 18 on Friday. Get the full story here.


  Mission accomplished ☑️ God Bless this beautiful kid and thank you guys for all your hard work…   A photo posted by Nickle (@royceda59) on

Michelle Williams Says Beyoncé Isn’t Pregnant

Beyoncé is NOT pregnant, according to one of those other two women from Destiny’s Child who are not Beyoncé. Michelle Williams was on “The View” yesterday, and she said, quote, “You know, when she was pregnant people said that she wasn’t pregnant and you know, it’s just no truth to it.  Sorry!” She also dissected that sand “baby bump” photo, saying, quote, “If you look at the picture, the baby bump is like where her knees probably really are so.”  Get the full story here.


Une photo publiée par Beyoncé (@beyonce) le

Stephen Colbert’s First Episode of “The Late Show” Will Air in September

Stephen Colbert ended “The Colbert Report” last month . . . and now we know that “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” will debut on September 8th. Stephen joked, quote, “I have nine months to make a show, just like a baby.  So first, I should find out how you make a baby.”  CBS said that Stephen has got almost all of his creative team from ‘The Colbert Report’ coming to work for him. As previously announced, David Letterman will sign off on May 20th, ending his 32-year-run in late night. Get the full story here.

Mary Murphy Is Not Coming Back to “So You Think You Can Dance”

When “So You Think You Can Dance” returns for its 12th season this summer, judge Mary Murphy won’t be back.  And it sounds like she was fired.  She says, quote, “I’m saddened of course to be released from my contract.  I’m very grateful and proud to have been part of such an extraordinary TV show for 11 seasons.  I’m sure there wasn’t a person watching that didn’t know I loved what I did!!” No replacement has been named, but there has been talk that the show was thinking about adding Paula Abdul as a judge.  Paula has served as a guest judge a few times over the years. Get the full story here.

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