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The “Stars” Return to ‘Sharknado 3’

Ian Ziering and Tara Reid will be in the next Sharknado movie. The stars of the cheesy B-movie phenom will return for Sharknado 3, to air in July, playing Fin and April. This time, the catastrophic tornado that rains sharks will hit Washington, D.C., then roar down the Eastern seaboard. Sharknado 2: The Second One, was Syfy’s most-watched movie, with 3.9 million viewers. Get the full story here.

Chris Brown’s Probation Revoked Over Shootings

Chris Brown has had his probation revoked in the Rihanna case, in part because he was present at 2 separate nightclubs when people inside were shot, and officials are worried about more shootings and think Chris should serve time behind bars.The judge also said the probation report expressed concern over another shooting at 1OAK during VMA weekend last August. Again, Chris was on stage and several people were shot, including Suge Knight. And the judge said Chris left the county for San Jose without getting the court’s permission, which is a violation of his probation. Get the full story here.

Price Is Right Announcer Wipes Out on Treadmill

While walking backwards on a treadmill to introduce the next prize on the show, the “Price is Right” announcer lost his footing and went down … hard. Pretty much everyone started cracking up over the unexpected tumble, including host Drew Carey who wanted to replay the footage before the commercial break. Ever a professional, Gray continued reading the items’ descriptions from the ground without missing a word. Get the full story here.

Nick Cannon Officially Files for Divorce from Mariah

Nick quietly filed the papers December 12. The date is relevant because on December 3, Mariah showed up 3 hours late to tape a segment for the NBC tree-lighting special. Mariah was supposedly on the phone with her lawyers going over the terms of her property settlement. That syncs up with Nick filing papers a week later, after they hashed out a deal. Mariah made sure she was completely detached Nick before she signed on with her new, very lucrative deal in Vegas. Get the full story here.

Bobby Brown Says He and Whitney Houston Cheated on Each Other

Lifetime’s Whitney Houston movie on Saturday night will be followed by a special called “Bobby Brown:  Remembering Whitney”.  It’s what it sounds like: Bobby Brown talking about Whitney. In a preview clip, Bobby says both he and Whitney were unfaithful . . . quote, “There was infidelity in the marriage, yes, on both parts.  Both of us cheated on each other, period.  So that’s hard to swallow for both of us. “I just think when two people that love each other as much as we loved each other, when they start drifting apart different people come into the situation, into the scenario, and we make mistakes.” Get the full story here.

Snoop Dogg Is a Grandfather

Snoop Dogg became a grandfather this week, as his eldest son Corde “Spank” Broadus welcomed a son with his girlfriend Jessica Kyzer. Snoop, 43, posted a video on Instagram of Corde, 21, holding the new baby, named Zion. “Proud grandad. My son spank n grandson Zion !! Jah bless,” he wrote. Get the full story here.


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