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Justin Bieber Will Get His Own Comedy Central Roast

The pop star, 20, will be roasted by the network in a March 7 taping. The Biebs will be present for the roast. “Justin has been asking us for years to roast him,” Comedy Central told Ryan Seacrest, “so we kept telling him to create some more material and we’re thrilled he listened.”Writers will have plenty of recent subject matter to choose from. His Calvin Klein underwear ads were parodied this past weekend on Saturday Night Live by Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong, who hilariously reenacted Bieber’s video with Dutch model Lara Stone. Get the full story here.



Maroon 5’s Wedding-Crashing Video Was Totally Staged

Last Wednesday, Maroon 5 made news with the music video for their latest single “Sugar,” which depicts them crashing unsuspecting, and supposedly real weddings with surprise performances. “It felt good to surprise these people and make them happy. [We were] happy that they liked our band too,” frontman Adam Levine told ET. But it’s now come to light that it was faked. The gig was up when people started recognizing the brides, grooms, & guests as actors… Get the full story here.



The New England Patriots Deny Alligations That They Deflated Balls

The NFL is investigating whether the New England Patriots intentionally deflated footballs for Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, to make them easier to grip and catch in the rain. But Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick say the accusations are “ridiculous.” Last night on CNN, anchor Brianna Keilar and her guest Mel Robbins were talking about the NFL looking into the New England Patriots possibly deflating their balls during the playoff game. While they were talking about it, Brianna could barely hold it together when she heard the phrase “deflated balls.” Watch the hilarious clip, and get the full story here.


Tiger Woods, Hit in the Face with a Camera that Knocked Out Front Tooth

Tiger Woods made a surprise appearance in Italy yesterday, where he watched his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn win her record 63rd World Cup skiing title.  He also lost one of his front teeth, when someone with a video camera accidently hit him in the face while rushing to get to the winners’ podium. His agent says, quote, “A media member, with a shoulder-mounted video camera, pushed and surged toward the stage, and turned and hit Tiger in the mouth. His tooth was knocked out by the incident.” There’s no word when he’ll get it replaced. Get the full story here.

Australian Open Tennis Player from the US Vomits During Match – Still Wins!

Christina McHale, 22, of Teaneck New Jersey, was captured by an ESPN camera throwing up multiple times as she competed against France’s Stephanie Foretz. But after a break to clean up the mess McHale recovered and defeated her opponent in a wild third set. The video, which ESPN replayed in slow motion, is being viewed by many online. But the tennis star did have a sense of humor about it after the gutsy match ended.


That was one of the craziest matches of my life… Sorry for the overshare! Thanks for your amazing support, so happy 🙂 #ausopen15   A photo posted by Christina McHale (@christina_mchale) on

Bravo Star and Fitness Instructor and Model Greg Plitt Dies in Train Accident

Bravo’s “Work Out” fitness star Greg Plitt was hit and killed by a commuter train that he was apparently attempting to outrun in a dangerous stunt. Sources close to Plitt say he had worked out near the tracks many times before, but this shoot turned tragic when he tripped and fell on the tracks, and couldn’t recover in time to get out of the way. As for why he was on the same track as the speeding train, our sources say Plitt was a highly driven adrenaline junkie. Get the full story here.



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