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“The Osbournes” Is Coming Back  for a Multi-Episode “Update”

It’s been 10 years since “The Osbournes” went off the air, but on “The Talk” yesterday, Sharon Osbourne announced that they’re bringing it back as a six- to eight-episode “update” so viewers can catch up on their lives. Interestingly enough, it was OZZY’S idea.  Get the full story here.

Jennifer Lawrence Will Never Join Social Media

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t like how the Internet turned on her. So she doesn’t do Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and she doesn’t plan on it.  Quote, “I’m not very good on phone or technology.  I can’t really keep up with emails. So the idea of Twitter is so unthinkable to me.  I’ll never get Twitter.  If you ever see a Facebook or Instagram or Twitter that says it’s me, it’s not me.” Get the full story here.

Usher’s Stolen Sex Tape on the Black Market

Someone broke into Usher’s car in ATL back in 2010 and stole 2 laptops, 2 video cameras and a million bucks in jewelry. Turns out a sex tape featuring Usher and wife Tameka Raymond was on one of the laptops. Someone tried selling the tape shortly thereafter but no one would touch it. But in the last few days the tape has resurfaced and someone is trying to hawk it. Get the full story here.


Nicki Minaj Is Sorry for Nazi-Like Images in Her New Video, But the Director Isn’t

Nicki Minaj is apologizing for the Nazi-like imagery in her new lyric video for “Only”.  She Tweeted, quote, “I’m very sorry and take full responsibility if it has offended anyone.  I’d never condone Nazism in my art.”  But the director of the video is not apologizing.


The Big Bang Theory’s Carol Ann Susi Has Died

The actress, who played Mrs. Wolowitz on the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, died on Tuesday after a brief battle with an aggressive cancer. She was 62. Get the full story here.  


Chris Brown Respects Men Who Bring Ladies to his Concerts

Chris Brown wouldn’t blame you if you’re a guy and their upcoming Between The Sheets Tour isn’t your first choice for a date with your special lady. “I would have to commend the guy who brings they girl to our show,” Breezy told MTV News on Monday. “Because it takes a lot of guts and security within himself to be able to watch his female fan-out and have an amazing time and almost, sort of fantasize, in a way, about us on stage.” Get the full story here.


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