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Selena Gomez Trying to Pronouncing Zedd’s Real Name

It certianly seems as if Selena Gomez and Zedd are an item.  Zedd’s real name is Anton Zaslavski, and it doesn’t roll off an American tongue easily. In a video that came out Wednesday, Selena and her pal Theresa Mingus suffer through saying her beau’s last name.  Ryan Seacrest reports Gomez originally posted the video on her Instagram with the caption, “@tmarie247 and I trying to say Antons last name,” but it is no longer on her account. Get the full story here.

Diddy Accused of Slugging a Loudmouthed Fan at a Super Bowl Party

Apparent “fan” of Diddy, Steven Donaldson claims Diddy was slated to host a nightclub party Saturday evening, but didn’t show until 1:15 in the morning and then, only hung out in VIP, rarely getting onstage. Donaldson was angry because he paid $100 to see Diddy, so he decided to get in his face and call him out. In video obtained by TMZ, you can hear Donaldson berating Diddy multiple times before they end up face to face. Donaldson claims that’s when Diddy punched him in the face. The video cuts out as Diddy supposedly throws the blow. Get the full story here

Tom Hanks Was Finally Reunited With Wilson Last Night

Last night, Hanks and Wilson were brought together again. The acclaimed actor was in the stands at the New York Rangers game when he popped up on the jumbotron. While he was busy waving to fans, someone tossed him a replica of the infamous Wilson, much to his surprise. Hanks took a moment to reacquaint himself with his long lost friend, and then the two started a “Let’s Go Rangers” chant. Get the full story here.

Justin Bieber is Impressing His Probation Officer

Justin Bieber  latest meeting with his probation officer went off without a hitch, TMZ reports. The meetings are required after his plea in last year’s egging vandalism case. According to law enforcement source, Justin got glowing reviews and seems to be sticking to his word of keeping his nose clean. Maybe he really is serious about turning over a new leaf. Get the full story here.

Amanda Bynes’s Lawyer Wants Money 

Artemio Santiago, Esquire has filed legal docs claiming he was Amanda’s savior. Santiago says Amanda was a mess last October, he says Amanda hired him and the first thing he did was get her back on her meds. Santiago says he became like an attendant, bringing her personal items like ballet shoes, tights, DVDs and various books.   You may remember after Amanda got out of the psych ward she was supposed to go to court but ended up eating lunch at a Hollywood diner with Santiago. Now he wants $16,000 for his troubles. Amanda’s parents and the lawyer for the conservatorship have a very simple position: Amanda didn’t have the mental capacity to hire a lawyer. Get the full story here.

 O.J. Simpson Doesn’t Want Cuba Gooding Jr. Portraying Him In TV Miniseries

The ex-NFL star and current Nevada prison inmate thought it was a joke when he heard Gooding, 47, was cast in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, his longtime friendNorman Pardo told The Enquirer. “O.J. was left with his mouth open when they picked Cuba,” Pardo said. “He said, ‘Why would they choose somebody like that to play me?’” Simpson thinks two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington would be the best choice because he has more “charisma” than Gooding, who only has one Academy Award, Pardo said. Too bad OJ is a criminal, and behind bars, he will have ZERO input on the show. Get the full story here.



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