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A Teaser for the Justin Bieber Roast Shows Him Shirtless and Being Pelted with Eggs

Comedy Central has released the first promo for their upcoming roast of Justin Bieber, and it shows Justin shirtless and being pelted with EGGS in slow motion. Obviously, this is a reference to Justin egging his neighbor’s house last year . . . when he was going through his dumb stupid kid phase.  And no, we’re not yet convinced that he’s grown out of that. The roast will tape in a few weeks, and air on March 30th. Get the full story here.


Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Deal for a Kid’s Books

Pharrell landed a deal to write four children’s books, including one inspired by his song “Happy”. The “Happy” book will be available on September 22nd . . . and it’ll feature photographs of children from around the world, quote, “celebrating what it means to be happy.” The initial run will include 250,000 copies.  Pharrell says, quote, “We’re committed to feeding the curiosity of young minds with imagination.” Get the full story here.

Kevin Hart Will Be the First Comedian to Headline an NFL Stadium

Kevin Hart will make history on August 30th, when he performs a gig in his hometown of Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field. That’s the stadium where the Philadelphia Eagles play. Not only will that be the first comedy show at the stadium, it’ll be the first time ANY comedian has headlined an NFL stadium. Kevin has performed at the city’s Wells Fargo Arena, where the Philadelphia 76ers play. It has a capacity of around 20,000. The football stadium has a capacity of nearly 70,000. Get the full story here.

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Star Nicholas Brendon Arrested Again After Comic Book Convention

Brendon was in Ft. Lauderdale for a comic book convention and authorities say he got drunk, trashed his hotel room, and ended up asleep in a hotel employee’s office. Brendon did $450 worth of damage to the room and was on the hook for nearly $380 in food and beverage charges. Cops say Brendon refused to pay, and that’s why he has been charged with grand theft. Sounds like the convention folks paid for Brendon’s room, but he was pissed he didn’t get more. This has happened before; last October he was arrested for a disturbance at an Idaho hotel. Two days later, he apologized and said he was going to rehab. A few days before the latest arrest, Brendon said he split from his wife of five months. Get the full story here

The Bride of Charles Manson’s First Interview

Afton Elaine Burton is engaged to America’s most infamous mass murderer and now, the woman who calls herself “Star,” is giving her first interview about her strange relationship with the man most consider a monster. She said, “Yes, I am going to marry Charlie Manson! I think he’s the most handsome man in the world.” Star became obsessed with Charles Manson when she was a teenager in Illinois working at McDonald’s, and for the past nine years she’s lived just outside the Central California prison so she can see him twice a week, but no conjugal visits are permitted. Get the full story here.

Afroman Got Arrested for Punching a Fan

The rapper was performing and a woman somehow got on stage and started dancing next to Afroman whom at first he didn’t seem to mind, then without warning, he turned and clocked here. She went down hard, but Afroman kept on performing. Witnesses say she was bleeding and crying, but somehow she managed to get up on her own.  Cops eventually stopped the show, escorted him off stage, and arrested him outside the venue. He was booked for assault. Afroman’s rep says the rapper had no idea if the fan was a man or a woman, he just reacted to someone being on stage. The rep claims there was a lack of security at the venue to keep fans off the stage. The rep added this is totally out of character for Afroman, who was released late Tuesday after paying a $330 bond. Get the full story here


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