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Two and a Half Men Kills Charlie Sheen Again

Charlie Sheen didn’t return for the finale of “Two and a Half Men”, but the episode was all about Charlie’s character, though.  It started with the revelation that he was still alive. The woman who supposedly pushed him in front of a train four years ago had actually been keeping him alive in a pit in her basement, like in “Silence of the Lambs”. But he escaped, and started sending threatening messages to Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher, saying he was coming back to kill them. The episode ended with “Charlie” shown from behind, walking toward the door of his former home, and getting squashed by a piano that was being delivered by helicopter. There were also guest appearances by several former guest stars, and former cast member Angus T. Jones, who left the show several years ago because it conflicted with his religious beliefs. Get the full story here.


Did Pamela Anderson Kidnap Rick Salomon’s Dog Bumblebee?

TMZ says Pamela saw their post Thursday morning that Rick Salomon has filed for annulment in Las Vegas, claiming she defrauded him into marriage. Apparently after Pam saw the story, Rick’s daughter Tyson, who was living at the home, had just walked in the door and Pam ordered her to get out. As Tyson got ready to leave, she asked where her dog Bumblebee was, because the pooch was nowhere to be found. We’re told Pam told Tyson she had the dog taken to a boarding facility, but the place says they never had the dog. Get the full story here.

Pierce Brosnan’s 911 Call Released 

Pierce Brosnan sounded alarmed when he called 911 to report his Malibu garage was on fire, he was worried one of his cars was about to explode. Brosnan’s garage went up in flames last week and when he called 911 you can hear him screaming at someone, most likely his wife, to stay away from a car. Police say they still don’t know what caused the fire and the investigation is ongoing. Get the full story here.

Bill Cosby Applauds Eddie Murphy for Not Making Fun of Him at the “SNL” 40th Anniversary Special

Yesterday we heard that Eddie Murphy passed on a chance to play Bill Cosby in a sketch on the”Saturday Night Live” 40th anniversary special, because he didn’t feel that the laughs would be worth it for him to kick a man when he’s down. Cosby heard it too, and he approves. He issued a statement yesterday saying, quote, “I am very appreciative of Eddie and I applaud his actions.” Get the full story here.


Rapper Vanilla Ice Told Cops He Thought Stolen Property Was Trash

Vanilla Ice downplayed the burglary and grand theft charges against him as he left a Florida jail Wednesday, saying it’s much ado about nothing. Police report they received a report of a suspicious incident dealing with squatters staying at the abandoned home. During the investigation, Vanilla Ice appeared, stating he had purchased the house nine days before and no one had permission to be on the property. But police later learned that he had not purchased the property. Investigations later revealed that James Loveley had been appointed by the court as a personal representative of the estate of former owner Morgan James Wilbur III, now deceased. Vanilla Ice reportedly told the cops he was going to buy the property but “did not have a contract or down payment.” He also said he “found several of the items next to the curb and thought they were trash.” Get the full story here.

Dustin Diamond Addresses His Absence on Fallon’s Saved By The Bell Reunion

People noticed Screech’s absence from Jimmy Fallon’s Saved By the Bell Reunion, and rumors started to fly as to why. Dustin’s rep said he was busy saying “he’s in the midst of a very active calendar of appearances, comedy gigs and the like.” Dustin is now admitting that he was a no-show at Jimmy Fallon’s “Saved By the Bell” reunion earlier this month because he was NOT invited. He also said that he now regrets doing that porn nine years ago. Get the full story here.

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