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Rihanna is Being Accused of Stealing “[B-word] Better Have My Money”

Rihanna is being accused of ripping off her song “[B-word] Better Have My Money”, but it’s a pretty bogus claim.  An artist named Just Brittany released a song last year called “Better Have My Money”. And Brittany’s fans think Rihanna plagiarized her.  The problem is that the only similarity between the two songs is the phrase “[B-word] Better Have My Money.”  And neither of them invented it, the phrase has been floating around in hip-hop since 1991 when rapper AMG released a song of the same name. Get the full story, and hear the uncensored tracks here.

ABC Is Reviving “The Muppets” As a Live-Action TV Show

ABC is reviving “The Muppets” as a new live-action TV show.  There aren’t many details yet . . . but claims it’ll be set behind the scenes of a late-night talk show. Supposedly, they’re putting together a pilot now, and the show could be ready in time to make ABC’s schedule for this fall. The original “Muppet Show” ran from 1976 to 1981.  And in 1996, there was a short-lived re-working of the show called “Muppets Tonight”. Get the full story here.

Chris Wallace from Fox News Apologized for “Fat-Shaming” Kelly Clarkson

Chris Wallace from Fox News and conservative radio host Mike Gallagher apologized for fat-shaming Kelly Clarkson on Gallagher’s show Friday. Wallace said Kelly should, quote, “stay off the deep dish pizza for a little while” . . . and Gallagher said, quote, “Holy cow, did she blow up.” Both men apologized without Kelly having to say a word.  Wallace said, quote, “I sincerely apologize . . . for my offensive comment.  I admire her remarkable talent and that should have been the focus of any discussion about her.” Gallagher said, quote, “I couldn’t possibly feel any worse than I do for making an observation that led to the conclusion that I ‘fat-shamed’ this talented and classy entertainer.  It was a really stupid thing for me to do.” Get the full story here.

You Could Be Fined $600 If You Approach George and Amal Clooney Near Their Italian Villa

For years, George Clooney has owned a villa at Italy’s Lake Como, but apparently, the people there can’t be trusted to leave him alone.  That, or they have a paparazzi infestation. Britain’s “Daily Mail” says the Lake Como town of Laglio has just outlawed approaching George, Amal, and their friends at and around their villas. That also includes trespassing on their land and piloting boats within 100 meters of the coast where their place is.  If you violate any of this stuff, you could be fined $600. But supposedly, these are just temporary bans that have been put in place to protect the Clooneys from the paparazzi during George’s 53rd birthday party, which will be happening there. His birthday is on May 6th. It’s unclear when the party is. Get the full story here.

People Accused Kylie Jenner of Wearing Blackface, But She Didn’t

Kylie Jenner posted some pictures of herself this weekend where her skin looks a lot darker than usual, and as you might expect, the Internet immediately started screaming blackface.  Even though that’s clearly not what was going on. In the photos, Kylie appears to have some kind of sparkly, metallic makeup on her face.  And she further explained that she was lit by black and neon lights.  She added, quote, “Let’s all calm down people.” And as much as we love to rip on the Kardashians, she’s right.  This is in no way blackface.  Not even remotely.  If that’s what you see, it’s only because you desperately want to.  Get the full story here.


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